Tá, e Daí?
2020 Finalist

Tá, e Daí?

Grupo RBS

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

“Tá, e Daí?” is an advisory service that RBS Group provides to its clients without any financial investment by them. Its purpose is to provoke innovation, create connections and boost business through communication and building close and trusting relationships with advertisers. Unlike any other delivery ever made, its main differential is the active participation of the client in the process of building the most appropriate and assertive solution for the challenge identified, accompanied by RBS professionals.

With its own methodology, inspired by Sprint and Design Thinking, “Tá, e Daí?” happens in four main steps. After identifying a customer with a clear business challenge, the team obtains a complete briefing and assembles a research plan focused on the challenge. With the collected data, deep analyzes are made and content and dynamics are built for the TD Day, the third Tá, e Daí? step. It consists on the meeting of the RBS team with the client's team in 10 hours immersion and co-creation, where two multidisciplinary work groups are formed to create an environment of great interaction, experience exchanges and generation of ideas to solve the challenge. At the end of the day, strategic directions are presented to be aligned in tactical actions in the following days. The closing of “Tá, e Daí?” happens with the consolidation of ideas in a great communication plan designed to achieve the challenge and the desired objectives, also counting on a team to measure the results, another great project delivery.

“Tá, e Daí?” has become, over the course of two years, an object of desire as it is a means of delighting, bringing new customers in, increasing the investment of current customers and diversifying the means and vehicles used in campaigns by customers. Considering the lean Marketing structures of most clients, with little recourse to hire research, doubts about how to structure communication plans and the effectiveness of investments distrust, “Tá, e Daí?” is the complete solution that reduces risks and brings the security that customers need to invest in communication.

Results for this campaign

The results generated with “Tá, e Daí?” are indisputable. With the 13 clients that have already participated in the project over its 2 years of existence, RBS Group has built a closer relationship, with more trust and partnership. Financially speaking, there were already over 7.3 million reais in revenue, an expressive figure by the local market standards. Much of this figure comes from customers who had never invested in the RBS Group, that is, customer acquisition and investment growth from those who had already advertised. For presenting robust long-term projects that operate on all fronts of consumer contact, “Tá, e Daí?” also triumphed in diversifying and expanding the means used by advertisers. Clients that used to invest only in radio, began to advertise on the RBS Group's TV, newspaper and digital media. A success also in terms of delightment, the average satisfaction survey index reached 4.78 points in 2019, with 5 being the maximum rating, and its NPS of 86%, an index reaching excellence.

Internally, the project is considered innovative and the delivery of the consultative selling concept in the most tangible and clear form. There is the desire, from other areas of the RBS Group employees , to be invited to participate in a meeting customers day. Besides, “Tá, e Daí?” is considered a way to spread knowledge of the Design Thinking culture and an example of how to deliver solutions to the market.


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