MumbaiMirrored : Tapping History to Spark Future Debates
2020 Finalist

MumbaiMirrored : Tapping History to Spark Future Debates

Bennett, Coleman and Co. Ltd.

Mumbai, India

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Overview of this campaign

As a tabloid, the largest reader base for Mumbai Mirror has always been the youth. However, readership by the youth

Mumbai Mirror had to recapture youth imagination and attention, but without the regular campaign choices.

Research concluded that youth in Mumbai lacked an authentic and coherent narration of modern history of the mega-city. We decided to mirror the city’s past, its struggles, its victories and its transformation to cue a youth debate for a better future.

We leveraged the brand strength as city’s conscience keeper and a fierce storyteller; and used our name ‘Mirror’ in its literal sense. When a publication has Mirror in its masthead, it is both an acceptance of responsibility and a declaration of intent to report without fear or favour.

With this intent, MumbaiMirrored was createdas a print-linked video series providing unique perspective into the city. At the centre of this series were interviews with five octogenarians who have shaped the culture, landscape, economy and law of the city - a Super-Cop, an Urban Planner, a Political Activist, a Social Worker and a Theatre-Artist-Turned-Adman.

The video series used real news clippings from newspaper archives bringing alive the events narrated, giving the audience an authentic feel of the old city and its transformation. The audience navigated through the personal and intertwined stories of these 5 First Citizens to learn the stories of struggle, change and transformation from seven islands to a mega-city and commercial capital.

The campaign took the audience on a journey between the video series on its website, OTT platforms & social media handles provoking curiosity among youth to know more about the past of the city. Articles in the newspaper supplemented this quest, curating interesting features about the city’s emergence as a mega-city, posing the debates for the future.

Results for this campaign


On launch day, we published our newspaper edition with 7 different front cover-pages, hyper-locally targeting videos from the series to the parts of the city they were based. The 7 covers created throwback to unique landmarks from the 7 islands that created the city.

With a reversed masthead, the front page was readable only when held in front of a mirror.

  • Every household received a different cover driving intrigue.
  • Readers shared their newspaper cover’s picture against a mirror using #MumbaiMirrored
  • Became a trending topic on social media on launch day.



. Higher growth in the Young Readers

  • Overall, brand readership grew by 1% in a span of 6 months
  • But, youth readership amongst 16-19years’ grew by 13%, and that amongst 20-29years’ grew by 3.3%
  • This is an extremely difficult task esp. given the fact that youth is favouring digital devices instead of print, and Mumbai is a mature market
  • Source : Indian Readership Survey,2019. Figures compare Q3 vs Q1.


2. Strengthen the Reader profile skewing to younger readers

  • Percentage of readers in 16-29years’ has increased from 42% in Q1 2019 to 43% in Q3 2019
  • Source : Indian Readership Survey,2019. Figures compare Q3 vs Q1.


3. Increased Salience amongst Young Digital News Readers

  • Spont Recall of Mumbai Mirror (print newspaper)has increased from 67% to 88%
    • Respondent definition: Digital news readers who are aged between 18-25years. and do not read English newspapers regularly
    • Source : Brand health Dec 2019 vs Dec 2018


4. Higher Digital Traction on Mirror News Portal

  • Mirror Digital portal has experienced a 59% increase in Page Views
  • Source : Internal Data, Dec 2019 vs Dec 2018




The videos were widely appreciated with viewers sharing their feedback resonating with the purpose of the campaign.

  • 69MN+ Impressions
  • 21MN+ Video Views
  • 8MN+ Reach
  • 83K engagements (including shares and comments)

Besides high viewership and connect with the video series, readers also participated in the contests and trivia series. They shared memories from their past, unique souvenirs of the city’s past, images of which were printed in the newspaper.


The tabloid mirrored the past to cue a debate for the better future.


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