VG-Lista: The most important song of the year
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VG-Lista: The most important song of the year

Schibsted Media Group

Oslo, Norway

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Overview of this campaign

VG-Lista has been around as a concert for youths in Norway for twenty years, but as each year pass by our target audience gets harder and harder to reach and to impress. With internet their options are increasing for each year.

The target audience of the VG-lista concerts are teens between 15–19 years. Studies show that Norwegians in this age group are increasingly feeling lonely (Bufdir, Ungdata). They also consume a lot of music and (94%) state that music is important in their lives (Source: We also know that not having anyone to go with, is a strong barrier when it comes to attending an event like the VG-lista concert.

Our mission was to create a concept that was bigger and more important than the concert, which would awaken emotions within the target group. In addition, be linked to music and inclusion – which is what VG-lista is all about.

We created a platform where teens could submit their thoughts, words, phrases about loneliness anonymously. The young artist Lauren then used the contributions to write the song «Ensom» (Lonely), which was released on Spotify and performed at the concert tour.

To draw attention to the campaign and engage teens to contribute to the song, we created a 360 campaign including website with entry form for submissions, social media, articles, videos and advertising. Also, each time someone would submit something, you could follow the number of entered submissions in real time.

We wanted to demonstrate that we took teens seriously by letting them take part in something that not only concerned music, but also talked about an important issue. The ambition was to create engagement towards the concert and to increase the attendees and the viewers on traditional TV and on our sites.

Results for this campaign

The uniqueness of the campaign lies in the way we managed to engage a target group that wants to help create content, rather than consume it, and get them involved in a topic that's hard to talk about - loneliness.

We revieved more than 28 000 submissions beating our goal of 10 000.

We had 65 000 people showing up on our three concerts.

Surveys on reasons to why they looked forward to the concerts showed that the performance of the song “Ensom” co-created between VG-Lista and the Norwegian youths were on the top 3 reasons, with the artists and the atmosphere. Which has generated traffic both to the event and to LIVE TV viewing.

More than 470 000 viewed the first show on LIVE TV, and we achieved a market share of 76,9 percent on our target audience in Norway, which is an increase of 20 percent.

We achieved editorial mentions from different Norwegian media outlets

More than 200 000 streams of the song

The target audience total impression of VG as a newspaper increased by 48% during the period. At the same period those in the target audience claiming VG were their primary destination for news increased by 33 % and we also saw an increase in those saying that they used VG frequently by 24%.

After the concerts, 70% in the target group answered that they perceived the campaign messaging as credible and 71% felt that the campaign made VG-lista better.


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