KMTV Mobile App: a Branded Community Platform
2020 Finalist

KMTV Mobile App: a Branded Community Platform


London, United Kingdom

Category Product Development

Overview of this campaign

KMTV is a community TV station under the KM Media Group and University of Kent umbrella that broadcasts video content to the community of Kent in the United Kingdom. 

The broadcaster was looking for an innovative OTT (over-the-top) media solution at a cost-effective price that would allow them to reach a wider audience, achieve operational synergy by integrating with their DAM and CMS platforms, while increasing audience engagement by allowing the KMTV community to connect to the organisation and advertisers in innovative new ways across their OTT streaming services.

Publisher’s Toolbox designed a video streaming community mobile app that gives users access to live and on-demand video content 24/7, the ability to contribute their own video stories, and activate augmented reality (AR) campaigns in the KM Group print newspapers.

The KMTV video community app is tightly integrated into a digital publishing and streaming ecosystem, that synchronises media between BiblioDAM (the Publisher’s Toolbox AWS cloud digital asset management platform), video player, mobile apps and website, which allows them to protect their valuable digital media assets and quickly and easily publish digital content to the KMTV app.

We integrated our Publisher’s Toolbox UGC and augmented reality modules (MojoReporter and Augmenta).

MojoReporter empowers the community of Kent to submit mulitimedia posts via the app for possible publication, thus allowing users to become citizen reporters for a day while allowing KMTV to tell stories that weren’t being told and collect valuable user generated content in a central repository.

Augmenta is an augmented reality scan solution that allows KMTV to create AR campaigns around their branded collateral. The in-app scan module means app users can interact with the KMTV brand and sponsors in new and unique ways by scanning augmented material and accessing unique video content, while increasing social engagement with handy links to KMTV’s social media platforms.


Results for this campaign

The KMTV mobile app has brought the Kent community together into one sustainable, central, branded digital platform.

More than just another mobile app, the KMTV video app represents a wider content ecosystem, allowing KMTV to:

- Increase valuable digital media IP by collecting user generated content
- Store incoming multimedia in a centralised digital asset management system
- Seamlessly broadcast video content to the app via cloud-based API
- Create innovative augmented reality campaigns that allow app users to access video content. 

Since it’s launch in April 2019, KMTV have broadcast over 8 500 videos across nine channels – including breaking news, entertainment, sport and culture. Currently, users have access to 1 600 hours of on-demand content.

The app allows users to personalise their experience of the app by choosing their favourite categories (top stories, sport, politics, entertainment, etc), which is displayed in their personalised feed.

If users see a video they want to watch but don’t have the time, a handy bookmark feature means they can watch videos offline at their convenience.

The integrated MojoReporter and Augmenta modules make the KMTV app the first of its kind in the UK, creating a collaborative pathway for Kent community members to submit videos, images, audio files and GPS locations, thus becoming citizen reporters and telling stories that wouldn’t normally see the light of day. App users can scan eight weekly AR+ campaigns to access exclusive content.


“Publisher's Toolbox has made it possible for a small organisation like ours to have access to a world-class digital offering. The KMTV app has allowed us to access new audiences through innovative services such as augmented reality and citizen publishing, helping us shape and grow our corporate brand” – Andy Richards, KMTV editor-in-chief


- Over 8 500 videos broadcast

- 9 channels

- 1 continuous live stream

- 1 600 hours of on-demand viewing

- 8 weekly AR+ campaigns



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