Pause Papier
2020 Finalist

Pause Papier

Le Devoir

Montreal, Canada

Category Readership and Engagement

Overview of this campaign

In 2019, our weekly and Sathurday paper subscriptions decreased about 3-4 % per month, while digital subscriptions increased 12%, illustrating an important shift toward digital supports. Although we know there is very little to no chance that this trend will reverse its course, we tried to slow it down a bit by promoting a different aspect of paper. Hence, our main objective here was to increase the number of paper or Combo subscriptions.

The ‘’Pause papier’’campaign emphasized on the over-stimulation of digital environments, and how taking time to read a piece of paper can have the effect of a restful pause (‘’Offrez-vous une pause papier’’). We offered a 15% discount on Combo subscriptions.

We first launched a digital campaign on our website, mobile and tablet apps and our social medias (Facebook and Instagram). The campaign lasted about two months from November 21st to January 22nd and featured static visuals, GIFs and a video on the making of a newspaper. We also had a Google ads campaign running for two week in December using that same video. We also sent targeted e-blast to our digital subscribers.

We added inserts to two Sathurday editions, on November 30th and December 7th featuring the same visual and promotion. We made sure to target distributors only (grocery stores, corner stores and other salespoints) and not people who already were receiving the paper.

The main element was our booth at the Montreal Book Fair, from November 20th to 25th. In a very busy open space, we created a welcoming rest area that ressembled a lounge. It had a very classic look to stick with our band, with velour curtains and couch, padded armchairs and footstools. Editions of the day were available and we invited people to grab one and have a seat for a few minutes. Our video on the making of a newspaper was also displayed, as to interest and attract visitors.

Results for this campaign

Over the two month of the campaign, we had 1 million impressions through Facebook and Instagram. The ads brought 3000 page landing views on the subscriptions Combo.The Google ads video campaign generated 60 000 impressions and 23 000 interactions and our e-mails were sent to about 15 000 subscribers. It is however hard to measure the concrete impact of actions such as the inserts and the booth.

353 paper or combo subscriptions were generated throughout the campaign.
250 were created online and 153 directly through customer service. Since the campaign as officially ended we have recorded an increase of 8,4% for paper and Combo subscriptions in 2019. 

Those are really encouraging results, that gave us the ambition of bringing back this campaign on a yearly basis - each time, exploring new ways through which people can (re)discover the the many charms of paper. 


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