Everyday Adventures
2020 Finalist

Everyday Adventures

The Irish Times DAC

Dublin, Ireland

Category Native Advertising

Overview of this campaign

The last few years have seen the Irish car industry enduring a challenging time. From 2018, the total market declined by 4.3%, as customers were holding off on big ticket purchases until they were to see the impact that Brexit would have. Only 'value' brands were seeing any growth so for a premium brand like Land Rover, the conditions were challenging.

Research conducted by Mindshare Ireland showed that when looking through the lens of the traditional 'marketing funnel, awareness was not the issue  but there were indicators that global advertising was not driving consideration. The main objective was to tackle the consideration gap and drive key prospects into the showroom, all utilising creative content that would resonate with an Irish audience.

 The Irish Times was the chosen media partner, due to our premium content, consumer trust and scale. All content was seeded across The Irish Times, Examiner and Breaking News throughout our entire portfolio of assets that included social channels. In addition, to ensure we maximised creative content, all video assets were re-purposed into double page print spreads in Saturday magazines . To maximise reach, all native content was also promoted on Land Rover’s social channels. All activity was supported with a long-term motor section take-over ensuring consideration with content and brand salience with contextually targeted and impactful display.

The Irish Times Content Studio team created 5 individually commissioned pieces of content (with supporting video) using different Land Rover brand ambassadors (who were also well known Irish celebrities). Each ambassador was unique and had a story to tell about their own ”Everyday Adventures.”  Each video was produced over a half-day shoot  in a location that meant something to the ambassador. Each video had a 3 day edit, an incredible turnaround for such content. Throughout each video, the host of the video series,  interviews the ambassador, teasing out stories that are rich in local narration. Although the ambassador is the star of the show, the clever editing showcases the Land Rover model features in a subtle and inconspicuous way. 

As the content was managed by our Content Studio team, it was clearly labeled as sponsored, ensuring complete transparency for an Irish Times audience and across the wider group.



Results for this campaign

Firstly, our content and articles exceeded all industry norms around view engagements.

Combined article reads across both the Examiner, Irish Times and Breaking news were 102,719. Combined video views across both the Examiner, Irish Times and Breaking news were 129,931. Combined average dwell time across both the Examiner, Irish Times and Breaking news was 4 minutes and 15 seconds. From a social point of view, we reached 293,103 people delivering 319,138 views, driving 921 reactions, 130 comments and 47 shares. In additional, we ran a fully subscribed brand event of over 200 people. The event was podcasted reaching an additional 4,000 potential customers through The Irish Times Added Times Podcast.

Secondly, our pre and post campaign research with the Irish Times readers panel proved we moved the dial on the two key metrics we wanted to shift - “consideration” and “advocacy”. Consideration to buy a Land Rover rose by 250%, while willingness to recommend Land Rover rose by 165%.

Last but not certainly not least, in a declining market, Land Rover bucked the trend and bypassed the challenges around Brexit and an unstable market by increasing sales by 4% year on year (SIMI car sales data). This was during the same time period that our campaign was active.

Our client showcased the campaign onto her global team, where it was heralded as best in class work.

Melanie McCourt, Marketing Manager – “Our “Everyday Adventures” content partnership with The Irish Times was an ideal platform to create brand awareness while showcasing Land Rover product in an engaging way. Leveraging our existing relationships with Brand Ambassadors, we presented the brand in a locally relevant context.  This delivered a new audience for Land Rover and culminated in a showroom event which successfully connected readers with the brand.”




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