How the Biggest Publisher In Northern Europe Reduced Time to Market with 90% on Campaigns
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How the Biggest Publisher In Northern Europe Reduced Time to Market with 90% on Campaigns

Schibsted Norway

Oslo, Norway

Category Culture and People

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Overview of this campaign

Schibsted Consumer Business is a matrix working for more than 20 brands on growing subscription revenue and serving several continuous sales campaigns and activities for each brand. 
Our greatest challenge was the time consuming process of developing sales messages, creating a design, and then managing developers to recreate the design with individual coding for the different sales channels before we finally could go live on all the platforms and channels. 
We could not adapt the communication quickly enough neither in our daily sales nor promotional periods. To reach our goals, we needed to be more agile.  
The complicated and time demanding process made us paralyzed and was perceived to be a major obstacle in the sales work.
To create a streamlined path from sales strategy to actual communication across our many sales areas, we realized that we depended on too many participants, which created an unnecessary long process before we could communicate with our existing and potentially new subscribers. 
With a timeframe of 3 weeks to set up a campaign and a response time for change requests that are far beyond the sales and marketing tolerance limit, the dependency of the Product Development Department to setup and optimize all campaign activities became a lagging step.
This led to frustration on all levels – on every campaign, and time to market was too long.

Results for this campaign

At the start of 2019, several departments in Schibsted were already using Vev, a Norwegian tech start-up, with a front end web design builder tool for designers, marketers and journalists to create standalone websites, sponsored content and long reads. The teams using Vev were applauding the freedom and creativity it gave them, not depending on help from developers for getting their ideas out on the web.
Our developers noticed this and had an idea: could we integrate this tool with our campaign platform of sales posters and banners, enabling marketers and all the brands to create and control all of the campaign material themselves?
And so we did. 
Marketers and designers now can produce and launch sales campaigns independently, and time to market have drastically decreased. 
We have reduced the time for sales communication to go live from three weeks to thirty minutes!
This has enabled us to make different and bolder choices experiment more and lowered the threshold when marketing and testing Schibsted products.
The first campaign running on the new platform (Q4/2019) has reduced time spent by developers with 66%, and is expected to decrease even further as our designers and marketers keep building competence. We are also discovering new fields for usage of Vev, like embedding web content on existing solutions or creating light weight web applications and prototyping new ideas.
When we conclude on the change implemented we find that we have not only managed to decrease time to market on campaigns with 90%. The change has also provided us with three other positive effects:
1. The power to launch campaigns is now in the hands of the teams responsible for the results
2. We have freed up time in all teams involved
3. The cooperation with Vev provides an agile solution to continuously meet our changing needs in new tools as we develop our campaigns in an ever changing market


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