Stand Tall With Rashtradoot
2020 Finalist

Stand Tall With Rashtradoot

Rashtradoot HUF

Jaipur, India

Category COVID-19 Campaigns

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Overview of this campaign

As a relatively smaller media house, we were cognizant of our limited resources, especially at a time when advertising revenues had taken a massive hit. We wanted to reach out and support the community, but not at the expense of our own stakeholders, who are a part of that very community. As the third largest regional player, we had a responsibility not just to our readers, but also as a loyal and responsible employer for over 70 years.

So we decided to focus inwards – Stand Tall with Rashtradoot

We decided to address the three most important pillars of our work:

  1. Stakeholders:
    1. Employees:
      1. Neither reduce staff, nor cut salaries
      2. Non-essential staff 100% retained
      3. Staff living in hotspots were accommodated in guest houses with meals and transportation
      4. Company pickup/drop off extended to all employees affected by lack of public transportation
    2. Hawkers:
      1. Encouraging hawkers to resume daily operations
      2. Cooking and cleaning essentials “box” provided to 2000 hawkers
      3. Free health & life insurance given to 4000 hawkers and their families
      4. Educating hawkers from impoverished socio-economic backgrounds
  2. Circulation
    1. No lapse in circulation allowed
    2. In-house team to deliver newspapers daily, especially to areas where hawkers did not ply
    3. Distribution through 520 milk booths, fruit/vegetable vendors and provision stores
    4. Setting up of 120 manual newspaper vending machines
  3. Coverage
    1. Only newspaper in the region to not reduce number of pages printed
    2. Detailed and accurate reporting of events, heralded by senior journalists
    3. Positive and life-affirming front page through picture captions, a trademark of Rashtradoot
    4. A human angle covered through the English section, ARBiT

Results for this campaign


  • Delivery of average copy per hawker up by 15%
  • 6000 new households touched
  • 90% turnout of employees every day
  • Employee satisfaction at an all time high
  • New enquiries for employment every day


The greatest success in these times is when we measure our results in “human terms”.



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