Engaging Children in Print in the Digital Age
2020 Finalist

Engaging Children in Print in the Digital Age

JP/Politikens Hus

Aarhus, Denmark

Category Readership and Engagement

Overview of this campaign

Børneavisen, a Danish print newspaper for children aged 9-12 with 24 pages published every week, wanted to make an easily accessible online universe for our readers to engage with the editorial content in the printed newspaper.

The link between the newspaper and the online platform is a simple QR code which the children can scan with a phone or a tablet. They simply point the camera at the QR code on one of our newspaper articles in order to be taken to the corresponding online element. It enables our readers to find additional knowledge, quizzes, videos, or polls regarding the subject at hand.

Additionally, the online platform offers our readers easy access to the editorial team. The readers can sign up to be child reporters for a day - interviewing everything from celebrities to politicians. On top of that it grants the possibility to write directly to the editorial staff with story ideas or input. In that way the children can contribute and be part of the news production process. We read and consider every idea, however, the decisions of what to put in the newspaper is done by our journalists. It is essential for us to continuously engage with our readers but also to keep our journalistic authority intact.

Furthermore, it is crucial for us that children can use the platform without any user registration. They do not have to log in or give any information in exchange for entering the digital universe. In addition, we do not store any tracking data and statistics related to the individual users. The online universe should be and is a safe space for the children - and we do not use the children’s data for commercial purposes.       

In short, by offering such digital interaction possibilities to our readers, our goal is to increase their engagement and involvement in the editorial content and make print newspaper reading relevant to younger readers.

Results for this campaign

The digital platform was launched simultaneously as the first issue of Børneavisen in September 2018. Even though we are a print media we see our digital platform as an essential add-on to the reading experience.

Since the launch more than 10,000 children have interacted with our online platform. Compared to the number of weekly newspaper readers, this number significantly high. In every newspaper we use ideas and thoughts from children to create stories, and every week our readers expand their knowledge by using quizzes, polls and the like.

In the first years, Børneavisen has succeeded to encourage children in print readership. By January 2020, our average monthly growth has been 15% (234% growth in the first 16 month) despite the fact that other Danish media companies have tried and failed to make a profitable business on news for children. There is no doubt that Børneavisen’s online platform can take some of the credit for this success. Not only because of the digital experience - but also the direct access to our readers which enables us to create better and more relevant content.

Due to the success of the online platform, we have been granted funding to expand the online experience with a mobile and tablet application launching in early 2020.


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