Balance Magazine
2020 Finalist

Balance Magazine

LNP Media Group

Lancaster, United States

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Overview of this campaign

We wanted something that would give Lancaster County business owners a beautifully designed platform to tell our readers who they are, why they are the expert at what they do, and why we should support them. Too often, newspapers are known for uninspired ad design. Some businesses had told us that they while they liked our circulation, that ads in newsprint didn’t fit their brand. Balance solves this challenge. Business owners want, what we refer to as, Branded Content. Balance is our answer. Balance has high-end design, gorgeous on-site photography, and relatable narratives about their businesses.

Results for this campaign

In its first two editions, Balance Magazine has enticed 14 advertisers who've either never advertised with us before, or who haven't been an advertising customer for one year or more years to test the product. TT

he response from advertisers has been overwhelmingly positive. 

“This is an outstanding piece of work with incredible content and well thought out placement and photography. I am so happy to be a part of this publication.” Kathy Frey Turkeltaub, owner of Festoon Boutique.

Current advertisers were also excited about this product. Two-thirds of the advertisers in the first two editions of the magazine were current advertisers.

The magazine accounted for an incremental 10% increase in ad sales to the monthly advertising budget.

The revenue generated from the publication has far exceeded expectations. 


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