We Are All Business Majors
2020 Finalist

We Are All Business Majors

Dow Jones

New York, United States

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Overview of this campaign

In launching the campaign, we had three primary goals:

  1. To drive an increase in student members

  2. To increase engagement and satisfaction with current WSJ student members

  3. To positively alter brand perception with the student audience

To do this, the campaign featured: 

Real-World Examples: Through case study competitions and student focus groups, student members and prospects reiterated that they were not interested in hearing from celebrities and influencers, but relatable, “real” people who had interesting and diverse experiences. To bring that to life, we featured three key business leaders throughout our digital and on-campus marketing: Alexandra Tanguay, VP of Global Brand at Spotify, Mitchell O’Furey, Associate Director of Marketing at Burt’s Bees and former U.S. Navy officer and Shilpa Yarlagadda, CEO/Co-Founder of Shiffon Co. and current Harvard University student. 

We sent a questionnaire to our most engaged student groups to vote on the talent featured in the campaign. Those who were featured in campaign imagery and the mentorship program were the most popular selections by students. 


WSJ Mentorship Program: An opportunity for students to enter to win a 1-hour video chat session with business leaders across industries. Mentors included: 

  • Alexandra Tanguay, VP of Global Brand at Spotify 

  • Mitchell O’Furey, Associate Director of Marketing at Burt’s Bees 

  • Shilpa Yarlagadda, CEO/Co-Founder of Shiffon Co. 

  • Scott Harris, Songwriter 

  • Amanda Zuckerman, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Dormify 

  • Landon Morgado, Fashion & Sports Partnerships, Instagram 

  • Emily Bibb, Founder, EAU Club

  • David Gilboa, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Warby Parker 


The WSJ Student Hub: A source for content curated specifically for this audience with articles covering job prep, career insights, expert advice and personal finance information. 


WSJ Resources Guide: A navigational guide to help students engage with the WSJ resources that best suit their field of study. The guide covered arts, sciences, political science, technology and business. 


Picture Your Future: To prepare students for their jobs and internships, WSJ activated their school-sponsored accounts and took a free professional headshot to use across LinkedIn, resumes, etc. 


Barnes & Noble College Partnership: To reach students directly where they are, we partnered with 40 on-campus bookstores throughout the country.

Results for this campaign

The We Are All Business Majors campaign has proven successful in warming up new audiences and engaging our current student audience. 

  • Overall: 

    • Drove over 21mm impressions and 225k engagements with the student audience. 

    • Active days increased an average of 4% from the start of the campaign. Active days reached a fiscal peak at the start of October during heightened campaign activity through social, on-site and Picture Your Future activity. 

    • As of December 2019, student membership has grown 11% since the launch of the We Are All Business Majors campaign. 

  • Engagement: 

    • Our Picture Your Future event drove 3,473 attendees across 10 universities, 3,339 of which were new WSJ members. After attending the event: 

      • 89% of attendees planned to visit WSJ more in the future 

      • 98% would recommend Picture Your Future to others 

      • 97% would tell others about the WSJ access that their school provides

    • The WSJ Mentorship Program received 1,553 valid student entries from college students across the country in 1 month.

    • Campaign social drove over 8.5mm impressions with over 85k engagements and link clicks 

    • Barnes & Noble College continued to be a valued partner for this campaign driving over 4.9mm impressions. Engagement increased from PY with an average email open rate of 35% and CTR of 2.52 (up 18% from PY), web advertising performing 140% above B&N’s average, mobile app messaging performing 3113% above B&N’s average and social promotion performing 200% above B&N’s average. 

  • Satisfaction/Brand Perception: 

    • Student members who have seen the We Are All Business Majors campaign are 19 percentage points more satisfied with their membership than those who have not.

    • The campaign was successful in shifting brand perception. Whereas students once responded that they thought the Journal was “overwhelming,” “only for business students” and “difficult to read,” their top-ranked perceptions after seeing the campaign were:   

      • WSJ helps readers learn new things

      • WSJ delivers high-quality journalism 

      • WSJ covers a wide variety of topics


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