Digital Subscriptions in a Regional Environment
2020 Finalist

Digital Subscriptions in a Regional Environment

Grupo Clarín

Córdoba, Argentina

Category Digital Subscriptions

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Overview of this campaign


During 2019, two major objectives were worked on, based on advanced analytics models: accelerate the conversion of new subscribers and retention of existing ones.

For capturing new subscribers, a predictive model was developed, which allowed to give a conversion probability rate to each registered although not subscribed user. With a range of 10 to 100%, a conversion probability was associated by user ID, integrating this information to its own tools, from which customized messages were offered to meet the goal.

Regarding retention, a case of descriptive advanced analytics (clustering) was implemented, from which 15% of site users were identified as loyal core. From then on, 5 groups were identified according to their degree of link to the environment: occasional, interested, friends, lovers and fans. A descriptive x-ray of each one was performed, to interact with direct marketing, commercial and editorial initiatives.


Premium Content: it represents 20% of the conversions generated from newspaper articles every month.

Newsletter, exclusive for subscribers: it is sent every day from Monday to Friday with a summary of news, photos, analysis and exclusive content.

Facebook Group: dedicated to a direct relation with subscribers. The editors of the newspaper, journalists and the audience team interact around topics of discussion and speak with users.

Club La Voz benefit card: it allows access to benefits and discounts of up to 50% in more than 300 affiliated stores. Makes available to subscribers a series of special experiences and exclusive events, highly valued by the general public.

Results for this campaign

> Total subscriptions as of December 2019: 24,711

> Total revenue for subscriptions as of December 2019: 400,000 US dollars

Advanced Analytics :

> Clusterization: 15% of total users are the most loyal audience and the outlet is working hard on them.

> Propensity: after the work done in 2019, 40% of the subscriptions generated today have an associated propensity.


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