2020 Finalist

From Offline to Online and Back - Activating Our Print Audience

Singapore Press Holdings

Singapore, Singapore

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

We wanted to understand audience interactions and conversions from offline (print) to online. What encourages a reader to take an action after seeing an ad? This campaign was run in TNP with the objective to find out how would the readers engage with our offline ads, and understand their level of interest on certain special deals which converts into an actionable currency (signing up for a promotion). 


How we sold more products than redemeed vouchers:

There are 2 possibilities for having more products sold than vouchers redeemed. Firstly, as we did not limit the number of appliances one redemption can purchase, it is possible (and not uncommon in Singapore) that purchases were made on behalf of friends and families as well. Second, the client could have offered the discount to a very small number of customers under their discretion. As for the discounts, the dryers went for $635 instead of $1399; washers were $324 instead of $499; TVs were $835 instead of $1699.


Results for this campaign

The team published 2 full-page promotional wraps in TNP, along with blurbs and writeups on how to take part of the promotion. Readers launched a campaign url that houses the scanner, and scan the ads on TNP with the scanner to redeem the promotional deals.

As part of the experiment, the campaign was built for a single-store activation. The same ads were placed at SPH's lobby (we always love sharing great deals with our colleagues) and at the selected store too.

The campaign also involved an event on site hosted by SPH Radio's DJs, increasing the willingness of shoppers to turn up at the store. Not only did this campaign resulted in an increased footfall at the store, it brought in close to 500 readers who scanned and interacted with the ad, with close to 300 vouchers registered. The outlet eventually sold more than 300 washers and dryers, and more than 100 TV sets.

We successfully activated TNP's print audience by bringing them online to sign up for special deals, and translating that back into an offline activation of actual footfall and sales. We are delighted that this brought value not only to our audience, but our partner as well.


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