Times Women Heroes Kolkata
2020 Finalist

Times Women Heroes Kolkata

Bennett Coleman and Company Ltd. (The Times Group)

Kolkata, India

Category Public Relations and Community Service

Overview of this campaign

Women are mothers, daughters, homemakers, teachers,…they’re never heroes. Because, when we think of heroes, we think of men with flying capes, saving the day. Yet, there are thousands, even millions of women, working, walking among us, everyday. They become heroes who change the lives of many, they become an inspiration, a role model, a guiding light. Then why should we miss out on recognizing them as who they are - HEROES?

The Times Of India, took its role as the Changemaker of India very seriously and this was a change the paper now took upon itself to bring. Times Women Heroes Kolkata was launched aiming to get the people of Kolkata to recognize women who stood as icons and heroes among them. The campaign first forced recognition through Print Communication in The Times of India, calling for entries from and of women doing exemplary work. To celebrate their service to society.

This was no regular call to action as an unique avatar of womanhood was created - of women, in their traditional garment - saree flying behind them like a cape, standing tall against the changing Kolkata skyline.

The image and print powerfully reminded people, ‘Not All Heroes Wear Capes’ asking the people of Kolkata to look for the heroes amidst them, promising to award and publish the stories of the 15 best entries.

And just that easily, the campaign set out to change the notion of what the face of Heroism looked like and who deserved to be deemed hero – including the so far excluded women to the epithet.

We aimed to get the people of Kolkata engaging, spreading the word and pushing Women’s stories of Heroism forward.

It didn’t end there though, as what is a Hero without her army?

We had to get people to join the cause help the heroes do more and more heroes to emerge. That meant garnering volunteer registrations to support the causes of the selected Heroes.

Results for this campaign

Kolkatans threw themselves into the task of finding themselves these new heroes.

For a local campaign, with 4 Million Reach, we received over 0.2 Million engagement - a 5.5% conversion rate, one that beat many a national campaign. TOI Kolkata recorded a jump in women readership by 2.8% according to IRS 2019 Q2 results. *TOI successfully recorded a paramount increase in brand affinity by 31% and Brand Equity scores by 77%.

A stupendous 621 Nomination Entries came in of women making their mark across a diverse range of fields -

A teacher of law imparting bureaucrats and men in uniform the gift of vision, even though she’d lost her eyesight at age 6.

An advocate for the disabled working to change the narrative from charity-based to right-based advocacy.

A child born to the red-light district of Kolkata, who turned messiah for the hundreds of highly vulnerable children of sex workers across Kolkata.

A doctor, who gave up a flourishing career in the US to come to Kolkata and be a mother to differently-abled, abandoned children.

A cyclist, an Olympic shooter, a Wildlife Conservationist and countless others. Each story a jewel in the cap of Kolkata, India and womanhood.

Indeed, Kolkata had found her new heroes.

It didn’t stop there, 1313 women came forward to volunteer their support to the causes of their selected heroes. And soon, this took shape of a woman to woman movement.

The chosen Heroes were felicitated at a grand event night, which in itself was nothing short of awe-inspiring as Kolkata’s biggest female stars - Agnimitra PaulMinu BudhiaArpita ChatterjeeSohini SenguptaBula ChowdhuryTanusree Shankar and Alokananda Roy - came out to honour our Heroes.

TOI continues to keep the wheel rolling, publishing the inspiring stories of these heroes giving them the spotlight– so they stand as the icons of our times and continue to inspire millions of other women like themselves.

(*Source: Kantar 2019 Brand assessment & communication evaluation for TOI – Kolkata)


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