Ledger Dispatch Augmented Reality Newspaper and App
2020 Finalist

Ledger Dispatch Augmented Reality Newspaper and App

Ledger Dispatch

Jackson, United States

Category Product Development

Overview of this campaign

We wanted to bridge the gap between the print and digital world. Allow our story tellers to link video and audio files to their coverage. Have our stories available in multiple languages. Link written stories to websites, phone, email, and even allow users to purchase tickets or shop online from the printed page. The objective — to take the typical printed newspaper coverage, tie it to digital content, and have the newspaper come to life making print the conduit to access more information providing deep access and more options for our readers to get the complete stories, information, and even allow them to shop and make purchases instantly from the printed page. Our augmented reality app and platform achieves these goals. We not only cover stories, we link historic coverage, video, audio, phone contacts, emails, websites, even online shopping simply by scanning photos and stories from the newspaper. We turn the newspaper into a multi-media experience where access is unlimited and the possibilities are endless. What if a printed newspaper allowed you access to the archives giving you every story ever published by you, or access to coverage from other publications to get their coverage on the subject at hand? What if you could make purchases from the newspaper, or link directly to the store by phone, website, email, online store — without the interference of digital noise? Get the correct and complete information, go to the right website, be pointed to the place that you, as a user, want to go to from a trusted source, the local newspaper. Or, maybe, you want to entertain readers with 3D effects. What if you could shoot augmented fireworks off the page on the Fourth of July or have a leprechaun jump off the page and dance on St. Patrick’s Day? Our augmented reality app and platform make all of this, and so much more, possible.

Results for this campaign

Covering the “big game” is no longer just a picture and story about the last-minute shot, the huge touchdown, or the late soccer score on net. Scanning the photo, you actually get to watch the famous finish to the big game, listen or watch interviews with players and coaches, even access stats and stories on the players and team. Have trouble seeing or reading stories, or maybe they aren’t in your native language? Scan stories and have them read to you in English, Spanish, French, Japanese, or your native tongue. Our printed publications become a multi-lingual product to keep users informed of all the news, events and happenings of the day in the language they prefer and understand. Advertisers can now link their print ads to videos of their store, or link users to their phone, email, even shop online, all from the printed advertisement and use of the Ledger Dispatch augmented reality app. Covering a concert? Your newspaper now allows you to listen and watch the band, even purchase tickets — all from the printed page. Movies and television coverage now allows you to view previews of the show, get the ratings and reviews, and even purchase tickets or subscribe — all from the printed page. Raising funds for a group or organization? Use the Ledger Dispatch augmented reality app and allow readers and users to instantly make donations with the safety of knowing the funds are going to the group you intend. Historical sites, museums and tourist attractions can now offer multi-lingual tours. By using our app at the local golf course, you can scan tee box signs and get a drone flyover of each hole, or hit a button and call in your food and drink order. Print advertising revenue has increased over 15 percent. Additional revenue streams for museum tours, turning business signs into multi-media commercials, even point of purchase displays that come to life, see our revenue increasing where many have failed.


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