Har Ghar Swachh (A Joint Initiative of Amar Ujula & Harpic)
2020 Finalist

Har Ghar Swachh (A Joint Initiative of Amar Ujula & Harpic)

Amar Ujala Limited

Sector 59, India

Category Native Advertising

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

An initiative of Amar Ujala & Harpic-The clear objective of the campaign was to educate the consumers on importance of hygienic toilets directly impacting an increase in the market share of Harpic- a toilet cleaner.

 In 2014, the Government of India launched the Swachh Bharat Mission to usher in behavioral changes regarding Hygiene & Sanitation. A key result area of ‘Swatch Bharat’ was to make India ODF(Open Defecation Free).In the following years  9 crore new toilets were built with over 1.71 Crorein Uttar Pradesh itself, a 68.74% increase in households with toilets. However, after  building the infrastructure, the real challenge was habitual shift where people where used to open defecation therefore unaware about the hygiene maintenance of the toilets became a matter of concern. The consumers had to be informed on how important hygiene maintenance is, Amar Ujala & Harpic- joined hands to create a unique semi-rural outreach program, aimed at educating consumers (many of  those who had installed new toilets) on the benefits of clean and hygienic toilets - ‘Har Ghar Swatch’ (Every Home Clean Home) through a series of multi-media communication for a calibrated market share expansion.

This program covering 41 districts of Uttar Pradesh through 11 editions employs a 4-dimensional communication and reach strategy over a period of 90 days to deliver on the target objective– a 3% rise in market share for the product in the footprint area of the promotional plan. Under this strategy both above the line(ATL) and below the line(BTL) mediums were used to bring maximum impact:

  • Planned brand advertisements & Reader contest.
  • Editorial – Educative contextual content aligned with Swachh Bharat ODF free mission.
  • On ground Float Activity) – Covering at least 4000 villages and small towns using Nukkad Mandali (street Play group) to spread the message giving a demo- wherein a mobile toilet was created to showcase the techniques of cleaning.
    • Sampling – Making the consumers use the product to experience the effectiveness.

Results for this campaign

Market Share Impact: The post campaign audit by Nielsen declared an achievement of 113% of the targeted KPI.

Achievement of the Result:

  • 4 Lakh samples of Harpic Rs. 5 pack were distributed
  • 41 Districts having 185 Towns were covered
  • 150,000+ Consumer Direct connect
  • 5 Contextual Ads were printed with the message of clean toilet.
  • 23 Brand Ads delivering the message
  • 21 activity Ads talking about the on ground stories

Execution Strategy


  • The campaign was kicked off with a call for entry print ads in Amar Ujala, consumers were asked to share their ‘proud toilet’ stories through a IVR Number.
  • A dedicated call center was set up to record and verify the inbound stories where every month 2 best ‘toilet stories’ were selected & published
  • In a first, the print campaign was planned using a combination of brand & activity ads which were further bifurcated basis targeted geography. 


  • 23 Brand Ads,
  • 21 activity Ads
  • Total of 11,145 sq.cm Ad Space consumed



  • Contextual articles were also carried in Amar Ujala,aiming to create awareness about clean and hygienic toilets
  • The initiative was heavily covered through local news coverage


  • 5 Contextual Ads
  • 1360 sq.cm Space Consumed


On-Ground Activations:

  • 10 Branded Canter Vans were deployed across Uttar Pradesh for a period of 50 days
  • All Canter Vans were equipped with a demo toilet.
  • A specially trained team of promoters were deployed to explain & educate consumers on how to keep their toilets clean


  • 4 Lakh samples of Harpic Rs. 5 pack were distributed
  • 41 Districts having 185 Towns were covered
  • 150,000+ Consumer Direct connect



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