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A Coruna, Spain

Category COVID-19 Campaigns

Overview of this campaign

The covid19 pandemic had an abrupt impact in Spain, since both the country and the news industry were found at great metamophosis:

- The country is in a moment of great instability. We have had 4 presidential elections in the period 2015-19. When the crisis broke out, the first coalition government in 40 years had to face the situation with just 6 weeks in office.

- In the news industry, 2020 was set to be the year of the change in the business model. El Mundo, 2nd biggest newspaper, had established its paywall in November 2019. El País announced his on March 1, 2020, just 13 days before the government decreed the State of Alarm. Before the wall was effective, they reconsidered their strategy and announced a postponement until May 1, prioritizing their vocation of public service against the crisis. 

- In the local ecosystem, Vocento planned to complete the expansion of its paywall to all newspapers, after 3 years of experience in its two Basque Country newspapers _El Correo and Diario Vasco_. And Prensa Ibérica had intensified its content closure strategy in Faro de Vigo and La Nueva España.

-We, at La Voz de Galicia, entered March 2020 with an experience of 11 months of digital subscription, with 3,490 digital subscribers and over 7,500 activations from subscribers of the printed edition. 

As soon as we understood the dimension of the crisis, our main goal was to maintain our incipient reader revenue model, without giving up the public service commitment which is in our DNA. In other words, to continue being an essential, useful service within our small local communities, keeping them informed, connecting them with experts, disclosing the scientific details of the pandemic and raising awareness of the importance of complying with the State of Alarm. But also entertaining them and giving them some hope to make the weeks of confinement ahead more bearable. And by doing that, not losing our market position with our main competitors. Both, those who already had a paywall and withdraw it (ex. Faro), and those who didn’t have one and tried to put in value their free strategy (ex. El País). 

Therefore, through a series of actions, the campaign looked to support our readers, and to increase brand perception as well as drive new subscriptions.


Results for this campaign

LVG faced the pandemic crisis with an 11-month paywall experience. In that period, we had reached 3,490 paid digital subscribers and more than 7,500 activations from print edition subscribers.

In March, with the State of Alarm, we doubled that number, exceeding 7,000 pure digital subscribers. On the date of submission of this application, LVG has almost 17.500 subscribers, both digital and print edition activating their digital access. 

The goals of the campaign can be summarized with the following figures:


In March the digital subscriptions multiplied x6, in comparison with the average monthly subscriptions for the last six months, and again x2,7 in April. Besides, we have seen an increase on our monthly PDF (x4,5 in March and x5,1 in April).


We have a surge in online traffic with a 76,4% increase in monthly pageviews during March (total 119,60 M), another 43% in daily unique browsers (1.283.888), and 58% in read articles (2.042 M).


The special COVID-19 bulletins, sent on morning and evening, reach 80k readers and the open rate increased from 16-18% in February to  42-45% in March and April.

The curated series of emails reach 126k readers and the average open rate is over 33%. Also, through this mailing campaign we acquired more than a 100 new subscribers.


One of our main tools to connect with our audiences is our multiple fan pages on Facebook. The general reach of the main fan page increased +20% in previous months in March and +12% in April.

That scope was achieved thanks, among other actions, to the publication of several videos, with over 1,3 million reproductions and tens of thousands of interactions.

The campaign also significantly increased the number of comments sent by our registered readers to our site. Since the beginning of our reader revenue strategy, comments had dropped dramatically from approx. 40,000 to less than 20,000. In March 2020 we received 32,000 comments and in April we will exceed 52,000, the highest number of comments ever.


Out of Facebook, our Q&A with experts have received hundreds of questions in our web form and the articles with the answers have had great audience results: 

  • Health experts: 308.231 pageviews, 253k users

  • Labour market experts: 84.793 pageviews, 70.861 users

  • Legal advisors: 52.018 pageviews, 47.257 users

  • Psychological consultation: 69.714 pageviews, 59.850 users


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