Buenas Noticias (Good News)
2020 Finalist

Buenas Noticias (Good News)

Grupo Milenio

Mexico City, Mexico

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

At Grupo Milenio we decided to create the “Buenas Noticias" (Good News) project to offer our customers, on Christmas Day, an additional incentive to purchase an advertising space that would  maximize the impact of their message.

Historically, during Christmas holidays, advertising investment in media print tends to decline, particularly on December 25th, which is a day with very few printed newspapers published and if they do, they have almost noncommercial advertising.

To achieve this goal, the Marketing department integrated a team with Circulation, Editorial, Design and Commercial areas into the project to have an strategic plan.

We establish that to maximize the impact on the number of readers and taking advantage of the date, all the newspapers of the day would be free. The Circulation department has personnel dedicated to the delivery of the newspaper, considering a schedule that adapted to this special date in order to have a greater impact on readers number. Shopping centers, parks and main avenues were selected for strategic distribution. To make the campaign more attractive, the team of sales persons were uniform with Christmas attire and in addition to that, we had some POP material with the advertising of the campaign: "Good News"

The Editorial and Design areas focused on integrating, within all sections, news with a positive approach, highlighted with a graphic identity, in addition, the commercial advertising materials contained messages of good wishes, we included Christmas promotions from our subscriptions channel.

An advertising investment analysis was performed for December 25th comparing the last 6 years and we established the goal of doubling the average investment. To have a real comparison, production costs, street staff and POP material costs were considered into the project to ensure the profitability.

In addition to the commercial objective, we look forward to increase the impact on readership and brand positioning by having presence in a day in which very few diaries circulate.

Results for this campaign

The main goal of the project was  doubling the average sales percentage of the previous 6 years. By the end of the rally the project obtainen, an incremental growth of 474% just for December 25th compared with the past years.

When we present the “Good News” project to our clients, we focused on highlighting the increase of readers that would be obtained, and we realized that the factor that ended up convincing them was the concept of integrating positive news in all sections, highlighting them with creativity, these would emphasize the type of message that clients published.

The newspaper was delivered for free in all distribution channels, a strategic distribution was placed in the biggest malls and street activations were carried out with the sales persons team , using Christmas costume and POP material in important locations of Mexico City , getting the people's attention from different ages, which allows us to have brand positioning in new markets segments.

“Good News” is the result of the joint effort of the Editorial, Commercial, Marketing, Design and Circulation areas, in the construction of the creative concept to offer customers a special edition, by adding new advertisers and given them the chance to publish positive messages in their publications generating empathy with readers on this date when people are much more receptive to this kind of messages.


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