CNN 411: Coronavirus Information and Local Resources
2020 Finalist

CNN 411: Coronavirus Information and Local Resources


New York, United States

Category COVID-19 Campaigns

Overview of this campaign

As the coronavirus impacts started to unfold in March, CNN saw an opportunity to provide a real service to our users who were overwhelmed by an event that impacted them personally and locally; where policy and resources were being managed differently state to state, city to city while our users were trying to make sense of a lot of data and understand what it meant for them. 

This tool responded to user needs by answering the questions: what does coronavirus mean for me and my loved ones in the places we live? Are we ok? How do we stay ok? What do we do if we're not ok? What does disruption to life look like? When will things go back to normal?


Results for this campaign

With that user problem in mind, CNN 411 was born. A public service tool that delivers a personalized experience for users by centralizing content feeds from key sources based on user location. The tool also provides expertise and authority from CNN town halls and guests: linking to select resources and CNN original content featuring trusted names (Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Dr. Anthony Fauci, etc.), and measured advice to enhance the utility with our expertise. 

We surveyed our users weekly to make sure the features we prioritized in the development of the tool matched user needs as the story unfolded over weeks and months. 



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