Tour de Flanders Against Corona
2020 Finalist

Tour de Flanders Against Corona

DPG Media

Antwerpen, Belgium

Category COVID-19 Campaigns

Overview of this campaign

We already had a daily feature where we flew a drone across a town or municipality. People could send in reasons why we would fly over their home. We did this in collaboration with VTM Nieuws, the television channel that is in the same group.

In one of the brainstorms sessions we had, my colleague Frederik De Swaef mentioned: “Maybe we should fly the complete Tour of Flanders with the drone next weekend.” It was a crazy idea, but we love those. Using a drone appeared to be impossible for this, but we could realise it with a helicopter.

The objective was to have an initiative that would really highlight the solidarity within the community during this corona period. The lockdown was just in place, and very strict. Just when people had a big need for "togetherness" this was physically impossible. But with the reach of HLN we could overcome this and still connect people across Flanders. (HLN is the biggest newsbrand in the country with more than 2.5 million daily unique visitors in a languaguegroup of 6 million)


Results for this campaign

22.300 readers sent in a picture or video telling us why the helicopter should visit their home, company, hospital, etc … All of those were collected on an event-page where a mosaic showed all the entries. 

During a 6 hour live videostream -broadcasted on HLN website and VTM television channel- the helicopter flew across Flanders to capture hundreds of iniatives. From a couple doing a "gender reveal" for their baby, over a shippingcompany "writing" a message in containers to a family paying tribute to a deceased grandparent with a message of hope. Even some of emergency hospitals with big covid departments joined in. Personnel in masks & protective clothing stepping out for a minute to wave at the helicopter. One of the most beautiful moments was when a lot of nurses & doctors gathered on the helipad of their hospital. Led by the main virologist in Belgium they spelled out "Alles komt goed" - "Everything will be fine" on the roof. Still gives me goosebumps thinking about the moment.

Some numbers:

1.130.183 videoviews for the livestream on HLN

627.000 viewers watched (at least part) of the stream on television.

About 3 million unique visitors on the HLN website. One million more than on average Sunday.

16.254 app downloads. More than 400% more than on a normal day.

People had to log in to watch the livestream. Sunday was a record for the amount of logged in users. It was more than 400.000. Or +33% in a day. We've been able to keep a lot of those users logged in after the event as well.

Our sales department found some commercial partners who supported the event. This made it cost neutral


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