Lino Višebojac
2020 Finalist

Lino Višebojac

Hanza media Ltd.

Zagreb, Croatia

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Overview of this campaign

Promotion of sports in elementary schools and among young people, with direct student activation, raising awareness of the benefits of playing sports among children, focusing on healthy living and adopting healthy habits, promoting children's creativity, cheerleading culture, fair and sporting behaviour, developing sports habits equally among boys and girls.A presentation of healthy food is organized parallel to the project. 

For every Lino Višebojac action, in every elementary school, media brand Sportske novosti (Sport news) is calling two or more nationally and internationally well-known athletes, and sportspersons who are very important in the local community and who set a positive example for young people.

Top athletes as guests actively participate in the program as referees, advisers, team leaders and have direct contact with children throughout the program. 

Some of the most famous Croatian athletes who have been guests at Lino Višebojac are: Olympic winners - Janica Kostelic, Ivano Balic; Wimbledon winner - Goran Ivaniševic; Luka Modric, captain of the Croatian national football team and winner of the Ballon d'Or; Athletes from all the most famous Croatian clubs etc.

The program of sports competitions at Lino Višebojac is designed in cooperation with kinesiologists and professors of physical education and is a genuine, completely original project organized by Sportske Novosti.

Children compete in the sports they enjoy most (sprint, long jump, handball and football penalty kicks, basketball free-throws). 

All participants receive original Lino Višebojac T-shirts and best are awarded victory cups, medals, plaques and sponsor gifts (from big food group Podravka and telecommunication company T-Com). 

Parallel to the winners in sports competitions, we also announce the best in literary works on the theme "World of My Own".



Results for this campaign

Through 14 seasons, 370 schools in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (320 in Croatia and 50 in BiH) were involved. 

The partners and sponsors of the project are the large national companies, Podravka and T-Com. Sponsors are covering the whole project that brings additional revenue to the sport's newspapers. 

In the season of 2018/2019. the Lino Višebojac action involved 18 schools in Croatia and 8 schools in BiH. It was present in 18 cities and municipalities in 15 counties and the City of Zagreb in Croatia and 6 cities in BiH. 7500 students participated in competitions, 1000 of them in the grand finale in Croatia, in Bosnia and Hercegovina 4200 students.

More than 300,000 students have participated in all the seasons of Lino Višebojac so far.A special publication is published at the end of each season with an overview of all the actions in schools.

Sportske Novosti publishes two reportages of each action and a story in the national daily newspapers - Jutarnji List. The grand finale is covered by 8-page special feature published by Sportske novosti. 

Reports or each action is published on the web site of Sportske novosti, the most visited and most-read sports portal in the country with about 500,000 users and on, the most visited portal in the country with almost 1,500,000 users per month. 

Each action of the Lino Višebojac (Lino All-rounder) is broadcasted on the local TV and other media. The grand finale reports are also published by other national media.



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