Sunday Arrived
2020 Finalist

Sunday Arrived

GFR Media

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Category Best Idea to Encourage Print Readership or Engagement

Overview of this campaign

In a 6-month period,

- Frequency: Increase engagement and print readership days by one (up to 3.5 days per week)

- Sales: Support the objective of increasing El Nuevo Día Sunday's edition subscriptions. Monthly goal was 2,650 suscriptions.

Results for this campaign

 Campaign was launched in October 2019. In only two months:  

70% of the monthly sales goal in the post-campaign had been achieved through the digital channels designated for the campaign. In November, while the campaign was still running, the sales goal was surpassed by 12%.

10% readers who reached out to the Call Center to subscribe to the Sunday-only offer ended up buying more days (Friday to Sunday, for example)


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