The Dallas Morning News' Reader's Choice Best in D-FW
2020 Finalist

The Dallas Morning News' Reader's Choice Best in D-FW

A. H. Belo

Dallas, United States

Category Best Idea to Grow Digital Readership or Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

The Best in D-FW series highlights local businesses that stand out in their specific market category and connects them and their loyal audience to the larger D-FW community via polling engagement on our platform. Our Best in D-FW campaign allows the D-FW audience & business owners to participate in healthy competition in which the audience gets to determine the best in their community. What's even better? The local business owners are not the only winners. For each category of The Best in D-FW categories, all participants that agree and vote at least once are automatically entered for a chance to win The Best in D-FW Experience, on us.

The main objectives for this campaign are to: (1) Be the platform that creates communication between local business owners and the community and (2) Introduce ourselves to an audience not engaged with our brand, message or content. (3) Connect them to our brand, message and content through newsletter engagement and thus (4) build a habit in their daily lifestyle leading to subscriptions.

Results for this campaign

In 2019 there were eight categories of The Best in D-FW campaign resulting in over 89,000 votes cast, over 75,000 individual emails collected and $112,500 in potential revenue.

Out of the total number of emails collected in The Best in D-FW campaign series, 58,000 were new individuals added to our digital readership through newsletter engagement. Ensuring quality engagement and readership over quantity, we removed any individuals from Best in D-FW campaigns that had not interacted with any of the newsletters they subscribed to over a period of time.

After removing the disengaged individuals, we found that 51% of the 58,000 individuals were still actively engaged and reading the newsletter(s) they subscribed to through participating in The Best in D-FW campaign.


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