Wasp Wipeout 2019
2020 Finalist

Wasp Wipeout 2019

Nine Entertainment Co. Ltd

Auckland, New Zealand

Category Public Relations and Community Service

Overview of this campaign

Stuff’s strategy is to help Kiwis connect and thrive in their communities. Proud to be New Zealand’s leading media organisation, the responsibility of our influence is felt keenly and the Wasp Wipeout project is one of many ways Stuff gives back to our communities and supports the population in upholding New Zealand’s clean, green image.

Initially, this was a project aiming to halt the unsustainable decline in the Nelson Mail by putting a lens on a community-focused cause that resonated highly with local readers. Due to the overwhelming success of the first two years, and with the foundations laid, this year saw the project go through a transitional phase by expanding to three other affected locations. This allowed us to champion not only the Nelson Mail brand, but also The Press, Waikato Times, Marlborough Express and the Timaru Herald. We pivoted on original objectives to focus more on educating the public, creating a high-impact Wipeout and using Stuff’s extensive audience and influence to help uphold the country’s clean green image.

These objectives were achieved through a comprehensive, multi-channel marketing campaign that involved a packed schedule of editorial content, geo-targeting digital ads, social media, print ads in our owned mastheads, and an eDM schedule. Stuff’s product portfolio collectively reaches an audience of 3.2 million New Zealanders each month. Leveraging access to this audience was vital in further educating the New Zealand population about the damage wasps cause (they cost our country $130 million each year) and reminding, reinforcing and educating the public about Wasp Wipeout. 

Our marketing messages called for donations and directed people to our bespoke Wasp Wipeout platform housed on stuff.co.nz for further education and information. Our journalists worked hard over the summer researching, reporting and producing highly engaging, educational content on Vespula wasps that was integral in maintaining engagement and consistency with our marketing messages. 

Results for this campaign

The 2019 Wasp Wipeout project was a runaway success, raising over $7000 in less than two weeks - the highest community engagement we’ve ever seen. We were able to utilise grants earned from previous years and successfully secured a number of corporate partnerships that will ensure the project can be run to great success in the future. We were contacted by a number of community groups undertaking their own wasp control, had readers submit their own experiences and have been inundated with requests for information on how to deal with wasps. We received many messages from readers seeking advice on how to undertake their own Wasp eradication and shared their stories of how Wasps have negatively impacted their lives. This helps us in planning for next year’s season. 

This year, the Wasp Wipeout campaign raised over $80,000 (consisting of grants and donations) via Givealittle, with all funds passed to Tasman Environmental Trust. Securing BASF as a partner contributed $35,000 plus $10,000 for each of the next two years of the project. BASF has been such a valuable connection to allow the project researcher to further develop Vespex - the key baiting agent that makes Wasp Wipeout a success by allowing us to efficiently and effectively eradicate wasp populations. Proceeds were transferred to Tasman Environmental Trust who is our conservation partner alongside the Department of Conservation. Partnering with Conservation Volunteers NZ allowed an extra 40 volunteers to help as well as over 100 volunteers that laid bait in the Nelson and Marlborough regions alone. We laid close to 500km of wasp bait - that’s 9,821 bait stations - and cleared 30,000ha of wasp nests in popular recreational areas in targeted regions, a 50% increase in coverage from last year. 


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