RompeCristales. Journalists for Gender equality.
2020 Finalist

RompeCristales. Journalists for Gender equality.

El Observador

Montevideo, Uruguay

Category Culture and People

Overview of this campaign

El Observador is a media company committed to the empowerment of women. A situation we're proud of. An opportunity to attract talent.

One year after launching the subscription scheme, we felt that we needed to take a stand on one of the most relevant issues in our society today: gender inequality.

And we believe in power of female journalism. 

That is why we saw the opportunity to innovate and develop “RompeCristales” (Glassbreakers): an exclusive subscription plan for women with a price 23.2% lower than the usual subscription rate and a journalistic podcast with relevant information to help reduce inequalities, made by our journalists.

The project attracted attention from women, and the whole media ecosystem.

So we put our effort in making a difference leveraging what we know best: communicating facts and relevant content and information.

That is why we turned it to a fairer rate with a discount equivalent to the gap. So that access to good information is not a barrier for women. 

We aimed also at attracting and retaining an exclusive audience of those supporting the cause: female professionals.

Female private consultants, public authorities, robotics experts and even the elected vice president participated in the campaign.

Results for this campaign

  • El Observador signed up for United Nations Women Empowerment Principles. A standing that represents the public commitment for equality. And a opportunity for retain and attract female talent.
  • Women subscription represented 70% of the total number of subscriptions since we started the campaign.
  • 210 minutes of fresh and relevant content.

  • 14500 unique visitors to the landing page on the first month.

  • The first 2 episodes were among the most listened to in Uruguay on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and TuneIn. The organic (non paid) digital campaign reach was 193320 people in the first month.

  • 31,266 visits to the articles related to the first 4 episodes.

  • One of the most visited articles on the website. The two most important women in public office in the country gave their opinion in “RompeCristales” (Glassbreakers).

  • The elected Vice President just 15 days before taking office. The president of ANCAP, the state oil company.


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