Ready, Set, 70,000! How Expressen Went from 0 to 70,000 Subscribers in a Year
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Ready, Set, 70,000! How Expressen Went from 0 to 70,000 Subscribers in a Year

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Stockholm, Sweden

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Overview of this campaign

To build a digital subscription service in four months. 

By studying others’ success and mistakes we were able to set high, almost unattainable goals, and to prioritize among all our ideas to focus on the right efforts to quickly catch up to our competitors and create a source of digital reader revenues.  

Make the service indispensable for our readers by providing them with the very best content from Expressen. Since Expressen has a freemium model where approximately 95% of the content is open and 5% is behind the paywall, we decided on a strategy to charge for our best content. We wanted to be clear and consistent with readers on that point.  We therefore appointed a special premium editorial team aiming to produce high-quality journalism that readers would be prepared to pay for.

Convince as many people as possible to register for a subscription during the first year, start building a stable subscriber base and a third revenue leg alongside ads and reader revenue from print editions. Make smart decisions supported by data by close cooperation between editorial, analytics, tech and commercial.


Do all the above without any negative impact on our digital reach.

Results for this campaign

The close cooperation between editorial, analytics, tech and commercial allowed us to make smart decisions all supported by data, setting us on a steady trajectory towards our goal.

Because we decided to analyse and monitor everything from day 1 and to share that data with everyone at Expressen, we could quickly spread our new findings.

In one year we went from 0 to 70 000 subscribers.

We met our revenue target and exceeded our goal for churn as well as retention.

We did all this, while simultaneously increasing our growth in digital reach

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