Esto no es Periodismo / Esto si (This is not Journalism / This is)
2020 Finalist

Esto no es Periodismo / Esto si (This is not Journalism / This is)

Empresa Editora El Comercio

Lima, Peru

Category Readership and Engagement

Overview of this campaign

The objective of the campaign was to collaborate to recover the professional prestige of journalism in the face of the advance of fake news that in an equivocal and distorting way is usurping that task. This is a way to reinforce the connection with readers through the greatest asset of a journalistic medium: trust.
The proposal had to be susceptible of being applied in other countries and in other realities, which is what was achieved in merit of a good regional common practice that ensures the GDA.
To achieve this, it was proposed to transparent the thorough curatorial work behind each piece of news, in which prestige, values, knowledge and indispensable good practices are involved in a medium of communication.

Results for this campaign

The results were, firstly, the participation of 9 GDA newspapers in the publication of the campaign: O Globo (Brazil), La Nación (Argentina), El Mercurio (Chile), El Universal (Mexico), El Tiempo (Colombia), El País (Uruguay), GFR Media (Puerto Rico) and La Prensa Gráfica (El Salvador). Among the readers of the newspaper the acceptance of the campaign was immediate, improving the reputational measurement of the newspaper. In digital terms, the posting was done via twitter, generating 71, 929 impressions, 5,0003 interactions. The web note had an average reading time of 5:45 minutes.


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