A Glass Half Full
2020 Finalist

A Glass Half Full

Jagran Prakashan Ltd

New Delhi, India

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Overview of this campaign

India is undergoing the worst water crisis in its history, announced Niti Ayog, a government thinktank:
• 600mn Indians face “high to extreme water stress”
• 200,000 die each year because they can’t get clean supply.
• By 2030, water availability will be half what India needs.
• The thinktank predicted that up to 6% of GDP could be lost to extreme water scarcity.
• 21 major cities could exhaust their groundwater supplies within two years affecting 100mn people. Several smaller cities are teetering on the edge.
• 40% of the population will have no access to drinking water by 2030
Put another way, millions of Indians could be too thirsty, or sickened by contaminated water, to study, work or live.
In part, the problem is population: India has about 17% of the world’s people but just 4% of freshwater resources. Analysts also blame poor management by government, corruption, endemic pollution of existing water sources, as well as a reliance on inefficient crops and farming methods.

Water stress is more than just a hydrological issue, as usage is shaped by human behaviour. While policy took its own course, it was imperative that citizens too played their part. Dainik Jagran stepped in to find solutions leveraging the power of community. We stepped out with the belief that water problems won’t go away by themselves, rather, they’ll worsen, unless communities intervene. Saving water is a global project, and all Indians should join – every effort will count.
Water specialists stress on three “Rs”: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Given the current groundwater situation and the lopsided demand-supply equation, our solution relied on the 1st R - Reduce . It was imperative to shift the narrative to water conservation.
CAMPAIGN IDEA : Serve just half glass water to guests at homes and hotels instead of the customary full glass of water.

- Mobilize community to conserve water
- Create next generation change leaders
- Demonstrate that Dainik Jagran stands for community

Results for this campaign

It is customary in Indian culture, to serve a glass of water to guests. Our campaign attempted to bring about a change in this practice.
The campaign’s message was “Use Half Glass of Water”
REACHING 35MN PEOPLE THROUGH WATER PATRONS: We partnered ‘Hotel and Restaurant Association of Northern India’ and asked 1757 Hotels and Restaurants to serve Half Glass water to all guests.
APPOINTED 2,92,042 STUDENT WATER HEROES: They spread awareness in their localities to spread the word on serving Half Glass water to guests.
WATER ENGINEERS TO THE RESCUE: 1654 Citizens called on a toll free number and reported problems of leaky taps or pipelines, and the engineers would fix the leaks.
MAINSTREAMING THE ISSUE: 132 pages of newspaper content set the agenda for water conservation.
- 87,272 people took the Water Conservation pledge
- 40 Street theatres talking to 4560 people
- 2063 water conservation workshops attended by 493934 people
- 32535 people connected through door-to-door rallies, signature campaigns, painting competitions, and club meetings

During the 56 day campaign, we saved 14.8 mn litres of water. Conservatively, the annual economic impact of this could be over INR 900 mn saving almost 100 mn litres
- 1757 restaurants saved 3.5mn litres water during the campaign (23mn litres annually)
- Water Heroes saved about 11.3mn litres during the campaign (73.6mn litres annually)
- Complaints addressed by Water Engineers saving 71mn litres/day!
- We connected with 36.2mn people directly through the campaign
- Campaign message reached out to the 70mn readers of Dainik Jagran
As per research, Dainik Jagran had :
- Highest Top of Mind Awareness
- Highest scores on the following brand image parameters
o This brand is the market leader
o This newspaper is innovative
o This newspaper makes me a better citizen
o This newspaper comes up with relevant campaigns
o I participate in the various activities conducted by this newspaper
Source: Brand Study : Dec ’19


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