Coopers Couch Series
2020 Finalist

Coopers Couch Series

Australian Community Media

North Sydney, Australia

Category Native Advertising

Overview of this campaign

The ‘Coopers Couch’ campaign objective was to engage relevant producers on a monthly basis, and encourage them to stay aligned with the brand through engaging and thought provoking content, and to develop continual awareness and understanding of the Coopers brand, whilst driving reach and engagement levels. This was to be achieved by utilising ACM’s exclusive agricultural audience across both print and digital platforms (desktop & mobile), with the focus on the video content as the centrepiece of this strategy. The content series featured industry experts in the field discussing industry issues and the benefits of the Coopers products; these were divided into key content pillars reflective of key brand activity throughout the life of the campaign.In total; 5 product related content pieces were published across the 6 Agricultural weekly mastheads. The video content was also placed within each published article, and then deployed as a ‘video first’ amplification tactic via co-branded Facebook ads, each aligning to the 6 masthead facebook accounts. Dedicated agricultural thought leaders and journalists Lucy Ziesemer and Peter Lewis were hired specifically for the campaign with the objective to give credibility to the content and to create affiliation with the target audience. The ‘native’ execution goal for this campaign was to align the articles with the ACM audience ‘user experience’ in a way that would effectively deliver on engagement and awareness. Through the use of strong imagery, video and written content, we were able to effectively create a rich visual and editorial experience for our relevant readers. A dedicated homepage strap was created to highlight the series, which also linked through to an index page, housing all articles. We used ‘Polar’ content technology to create an immersive experience for the articles to live within the local news section of each digital masthead, providing a true native execution.

Results for this campaign

Through the use of strategic placement across all 6 agricultural digital mastheads, the coopers couch campaign generated 7152 article views in total. The articles generated an above-average company dwell time of 3 min (ACM average is 1 min 30 seconds).

The Social co-branded ads successfully encouraged 2045 people to click through to the various articles to further engage. Our use of the Polar local news overlay generated an overall CTR of 26.47%, which is above our current average of .22%, this also attributes to 2616 people clicking through to the articles via the native article tile. This effectively highlights the power of the strategically placed content in the local news sections of the digital mastheads, which clearly resonated with our readers to click through and further engage with the article pages.



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