The mentorship program - a unique collaboration on leadership development in the Norwegian media industry
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The mentorship program - a unique collaboration on leadership development in the Norwegian media industry

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Overview of this campaign

In this unique project, the Norwegian media industry's largest female leadership talent is gathered and coached by the industry's top executives. We cooperate when we can and compete when we have to. Together, corporate cultures and talent development are lifted and changed.

In the summer of 2018, we teamed up with the Media Network (a forum for media women in leadership) and establish a mentoring program for the industry. We conducted in-depth interviews with all of the country's corporate leaders, and mapped the need and willingness to contribute to such a mentoring program. All media groups and media companies support the program, both with financial contributions and by providing their managers as mentors.

We set three goals for the program:

At the individual level of the participant: The program will help to strengthen leadership and career opportunities in the media industry.

At industry level: The program will raise awareness of diversity work and talent development in the Norwegian media industry. The media companies must set specific goals for this work in their own group and organization.

At the community level: the program will make the Norwegian media industry more diverse in order to increase the power of innovation and strengthen the social mission.

The program consists of 5 sessions and lasts 1 year. In addition, the mentor pairs meet regularly, at least once a month. The program takes in 16 participants per year. We deliberately do not match mentor and adept from the same company or group.

Mentors do not receive fees, but receive professional follow-up from the academic partner and must prioritize the meetings. AFF is academically responsible for the mentoring program. AFF is Norway's largest leadership and organizational development consultancy with 50 expert staff members. AFF offers some of the most renowned open enrollment programs in the Nordic countries in cooperation with NHH - Norwegian School of Economics.

Results for this campaign

The mentorship program has been very successful and we are already seeing the traces of the work in recruitment processes and in the media houses. Ten of the 16 participants in the mentoring program have during the year received new and larger management assignments in their own company.

The evaluation among the participants shows that 92% have had meetings every month, in addition they have had more frequent contact between mentor and adept on the telephone and messenger. ALL mentors respond that they have benefited very well from being a mentor, and 90% of them state that they have gained a more conscious relationship with diversity work. ALL the mentees say they have gained a greater awareness of both diversity and their own careers. The network among the whole group, but also among mentees and mentors is seen as very useful.

Norway's largest commercial TV channel TV2, made a conscious choice at the start of the program and decided that all new hires in 2019 should be women if hired externally.

The new gender balance survey in the media companies showed that the women are joining the leadership groups. There is a clear change in the gender balance from 2018 especially in editorial companies, where the proportion of women in the management groups increases by 10 percentage points. In 2019, women make up almost half of the editorial management groups. The proportion of newly hired women has increased from 39 to 60 per cent. The figures show an increase in the proportion of women for new hires in all businesses over the past year. For editorial firms, 7 out of 10 new hires were women.

When round two of the mentoring program was announced, we received over 80 applications. We conducted 37 interviews with relevant applicants. We finally chose to expand the program to 18 mentees. Group two starts 27-28. January 2020.


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