Colombia 2020, Construyendo País desde las Regiones
2020 Finalist

Colombia 2020, Construyendo País desde las Regiones

Comunican S.A.

Bogotá, Colombia

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Overview of this campaign

After a very successful project, launched at the last Bogotá International Book Fair, in which, through stories of a group of animals that live together, children from 7 to 12 years old are taught about citizenship and values, as well as to understand the problems of our country such as corruption, elections, migration, education and health systems, among others, comes a new version of The Village, as a remedy to overcome polarization.

Through eight stories starring the already known and very particular animals of La Aldea, we seek to approach in a more pleasant and relaxed way to the main tensions that cross the national agenda and becomes an excuse to provoke conversations in which all , children, young people and adults can open up to the opinion of the other, question their certainties, and, if necessary, build new arguments considering the opposite perspective or even change their minds.

The characters and situations of La Aldea become a mirror in which we can not only observe ourselves, but think and reflect on the way we face the main challenges we have as a country.
With this, it is sought to open dialogues in the houses (with the radical traditionalist grandfather of right or left), classrooms (the teacher with strong leftist or right-wing ideas), jobs (the boss who defends the government at all costs on duty and the worker who rains him) and so on, in all areas of our daily lives.

The eight stories of The Village are presented in eight fascicles with clear and enjoyable language, and with beautiful illustrations.

Results for this campaign

For the elaboration of this product, a work team was created that defines the concept of the work, the communication, distribution and promotion strategy. In addition, a specific team was created for the production of editorial content, which includes writing, design, editing, illustration and style correction. The concept of the work may require for its production, travel around the country, reporting, research and support in photography and video.

Likewise, framed in this result, the delivery of the Colombia2020 Prize "Country Builders" is maintained, in recognition of the best practices applied to the construction of peace in educational institutions nationwide. A specific strategy is designed to carry out the call four months in advance. This requires a joint work with the Javeriana University, an entity that is in charge of the technical direction of the award. That includes previous meetings to define the methodology, categories, jury and scholarships that the university awards as a prize to the first places of the three categories of public school initiatives, private school initiatives and teachers. A communication and visibility campaign is also designed and implemented to amplify the call and announce the winners of the prize and its good practices. This activity is aimed at the educational community (children, youth, teachers and managers).

The fasciculated work circulated on Friday, from September 20.

In the first installment, the collector folder, a poster, a postcard and the issue # 1, all bagged with the complete newspaper, were included.

Dates in which it circulated:
Fascicle # 1 Friday, September 20
Fascicle # 2 Friday, September 27
Fascicle # 3 Friday, October 4
Fascicle # 4 Friday, October 11
Fascicle # 5 Friday, October 18
Fascicle # 6 Friday, October 25
Fascicle # 7 Friday, November 1
Fascicle # 8 Friday, November 8

The publication of a cover was made on Thursday, September 19, informing the audience about the circulation of a fasciculable which they could acquire from September 20 for free with El Espectador.

As of that date the advertising notices were published weekly in
The viewer.

To promote the acquisition of pedagogical material, it was supported through a campaign of tactical communication in different media.

With the newspaper El Espectador, weekly advertisements were published,
In weekly social networks of Colombia 2020 and El Espectador, weekly pieces were published communicating each week the departure of each issue, inviting the audience to acquire the fasciculated work, a commercial was broadcast on the Caracol Channel, a wedge on Blu Radio and networks social networks of El Espectador and the Colombia 2020 campaign.


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