Nueva Mujer's RFV Growth Strategy
2020 Finalist

Nueva Mujer's RFV Growth Strategy


Santiago, Chile

Category Readership and Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

The main audience’s objective was to grow to 11 millions of uniques and 30 millions of pageviews by the end of 2019. In order to achieve that, the RFV strategy was the key by increasing efficiency of each content of each of the 22 journalists that this product have dedicated to work on a local or regional basis.


All journalists are focused to reach a goal of monthly traffic as well as quantity of monthly content production. By data analytics and business intelligence tools, each journalist know and understand what content should be prepared for the editorial agenda and how effective in terms of traffic are them based on the local or regional market that they focus on.

To achieve that, there were 3 main objectives to work on.


1. For journalists concentrated in Chile, the goal was to increase by 2x the monthly traffic (users) of each journalist. During 2018, each journalist made on average 457,748 monthly uniques users and the goal for 2019 was to duplicate that, reaching 915,496 uniques users by December 2019.


2. For Mexico’s team, the same rate of growth as Chile, increasing from 3.5 millions of monthly uniques users per journalist on average on 2018 to duplicated in December 2019, reaching 7 millions of users each journalist.


3. In Colombia, from 3 millions of uniques monthly users to 6 millions by the end of 2019.


The key to making this strategy work, was to look at each journalist behaviour in terms of traffic and content production in order to optimize as much a possible the efficiency making a huge impact in terms of traffic to offer a relevant mass of audience to OneMetro’s advertisers in content related to women, fashion and lifestyle.

Results for this campaign

After successfully implemented the RFV strategy in 2019, Nueva Mujer site grew 2x in terms of uniques users and pageviews. From 55 millions of users and 270 millions of pageviews in 2018 to 108 millions of users and 518 millions of pageviews in 2019 accumulated on the whole year.


The goal of 11 millions of monthly uniques users by the end of 2019 was accomplished in June, reaching over 12 millions of uniques users that month. In November, the highest level of audience was reached by 20.5 millions of uniques users and 62 millions of pageviews.


Each goal on each journalist on each country was over accomplished. On average all journalists increased and some of them with remarkable results.


1. Chile: As an example, Pía Correa, a local journalist, increased her efficiency on traffic by 313% in 2019, from 1.3 millions of monthly uniques users to 3.4 millions.


2. Mexico: The case of Cecila Martínez, who increased her efficiency by 265% in 2019, from 3.4 millions of monthly uniques users in 2018 to 12.7 millions in 2019, also time spent on the site increased from 3:45 minutes on average per session to 4:21 minutes.


3. Colombia: It also had a remarkable increase in terms of audience, Mónica Garzón, who made on average 2.1 millions of monthly uniques users in 2018 to 5.2 millions, increasing over 296% in 2019.


These results proved that the RFV strategy focused on the efficiency of each article of each journalist works on multiple locations and audiences, making remarkable results in just one year, positioning the product into the Top 10 in Women and Lifestyle category in ComScore in Chile, Mexico and Colombia in 2019, making a huge impact on the audience and growing as well on ad impressions making the product more profitable with the same resources as 2018.


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