The Ark 2.0. Sending to Space the DNA of Endangered Species of Animals
2020 Finalist

The Ark 2.0. Sending to Space the DNA of Endangered Species of Animals

Ringier Axel Springer

Warsaw, Poland

Category Public Relations and Community Service

Overview of this campaign

The future of animals depends on people and the choices they make. In Poland, environmental awareness is growing yet still only 1/3 of the society is involved in environmental activities. is the voice of the young generation, covering topics of importance to them. This time Noizz did not feel like watching idly the shrinking number of animal species.

We started to act. We knew that for the project to be noticed we need to stir real emotions and get coverage. We arrived at a non-standard solution: together with scientists from  The Copernicus Science Centre we have come up with project Ark 2.0.

We obtained DNA of 24 most endangered species and transformed it into radio signals. We sent the signals by radio toward 13 exoplanets most similar of the Earth i.e. places where life could potentially evolve. The signal is bound to reach Voyager 1, an object furthest from the Earth (22 bill km).  

A video was taken of the entire project and published in all the channels: the website and in social media (FB and IG). The editors developed a series of interviews with experts in ecology and space and articles on environmental changes. We developed a Landing Page with tips on  What to do to save animals better than the Ark 2.0?   Of key importance was a combination of the power of marketing communication and editorial work in which NOIZZ and all the other sites were involved.

The most important goal was to trigger off a national discussion and cover the problem of the disappearing species. It was also very important to incite the biggest possible number of people to change their behaviour. We all can contribute to limiting CO2 emissions by limiting meat consumption, using our own shopping bag instead of plastic ones and buying coffee to go in own cups. There is still a chance to save the endangered species and put a stop to the climate changes on Earth.

Results for this campaign

What Poles need is education and changes  in behaviour to more environmentally-oriented.

Our goal was to publicise the subject of endangered species ; as a result of a non-standard project and using only our own channels we generated considerable reach. We triggered off interest of national TV and radio stations which presented interviews on the problem and project.

We initiated discussions on an important subject which was not presented before. 

  • Total SM reach – 1.2 mill people
  • Video – 338 000 VV and 600 000 visits

More importantly, our intention was to convince people that every small change in daily habits matters.

  • Nearly 10 thou. people have signed a declaration on our site SOMETHING FOR THE PLANET and undertook to change their behaviour.

This is another (after STRAWS)  project of NOIZZ which does not stop here and keeps working for the Planet.


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