#vorarlberghältzusammen (VoralbergSticksTogether)
2020 Finalist

#vorarlberghältzusammen (VoralbergSticksTogether)


Schwarzach, Austria

Category COVID-19 Campaigns

Overview of this campaign


The corona crisis has brought public life, to a large extent, to a standstill. In spite of, or perhaps precisely because of this, Russmedia has set itself the goal of bringing the region with its 400,000 inhabitants closer together during this period with the initiative #vorarlberghältzusammen, which was launched on 13 March 2020.

Within a very short period of time, Russmedia set up various promotions and activities within the framework of this campaign. In mid-March, for example, a nationwide neighbourhood assistance campaign was launched, to which 1,300 people responded. Because the situation is especially a challenge for families, the editorial staff of Vorarlberger Nachrichten offers a children's page every day. Using the free greeting card campaign, grandchildren can send greetings to grandma and grandpa via the newspaper. For the time at home there are daily physical exercises. And mental training is provided through the expansion of the daily puzzle page and a 48-page puzzle booklet. Before Easter, all church services were broadcast live on the online portals VN.at and VOL.AT. Last but not least, webinars give readers the opportunity to ask questions of numerous invited experts from the healthcare sector or the political arena. The two news portals provide live tickers and background stories on current events concerning the corona crisis.

The campaign also sets some important priorities for the local economy: For example, companies are offered free announcements of their delivery services and an overview of local online shops is provided so that customers can be reached even during the crisis. In this way, #vorarlberghältzusammen is making an important contribution to supporting the local economy.

The population is also called upon to make various expressions of solidarity, such as a one-minute applause to thank all employees in essential professions, such as those in the health sector, the post offices, pharmacies and grocery stores.

The people of Vorarlberg thus have the opportunity to demonstrate and experience cohesion, solidarity and community through the initiative #vorarlberghältzusammen. Russmedia offers the platform for this through all possible channels - cross-media.

Russmedia employees have worked harder than ever to provide the community with the most important news it needs in this crisis. The bond between the news portals Vorarlberger Nachrichten/VN.at and VOL.AT and the Vorarlberg readership will be strengthened even more with #vorarlberghältzusammen

Results for this campaign

Under the motto #vorarlberghältzusammen, Russmedia had already started the nationwide campaign in mid-March. The aim is to sensitize the population not to buy internationally from online shops, but to be "fair" and to shop using local online shops and opportunities, or to wait until the crisis is over. This is shown not only by the high amount of positive feedback, but also by the increased reach. Overall, the campaign has reached 3.8 million people (gross) via the various channels. Within a few hours, more than 1,300 retailers from 96 communities were using the services, making it "Vorarlberg's largest directory for local shopping".

The number of subscriptions to the chargeable premium news portal VN.at alone rose from 928 subscriptions (March 1, 2020) to 1,537 (April 20), an increase of 65 percent - and this number continues to rise. This shows not only the incredible need for information on the part of the readers, but also their willingness to pay for elaborately researched background stories on the corona situation. For example, an exclusive story on the corona cases in all 96 communities led to 64 subscriptions.

The free news portal VOL.AT increased its reach to 88.76% compared to the previous year. The site was clicked on almost 42 million times due to the difficult news situation. VOL.AT has especially benefited from the intensive use of video livestreams. During the peaks on 13 and 19 March, 20,000 users were simultaneously on VOL.AT (on average, approx. 3,500 users are on the portal at the same time) and the number of visits nearly doubled to almost 20 million. Vorarlberg is currently getting more information from VOL.AT than ever before: users +54%, visits +77%, videos +230%, app downloads +150%, simultaneous users sixfold, mobile share up to 82%. Together with the high number of visits to VN.at with a 53% increase, the Russmedia brands are showing just how important local and journalistic content is for the population.

The campaign has been enormously well-received, as Vorarlberg's towns and their mayors have followed our example: there are now initiatives such as #dornbirnhältzusammen or #bregenzhältzusammen, which see Russmedia's concept as a benchmark. So the initiative #vorarlberghältzusammen has more than lived up to its name.


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