Come Together 2019
2020 Finalist

Come Together 2019

News Corp Australia

Surry Hills, Australia

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

Overview of this campaign

Come Together is designed to communicate our deep understanding of clients’ business needs, our connection with audiences, and our suite of media and marketing solutions. Importantly, it generates incremental advertising revenue.


In a competitive media landscape crowded with industry events, our vision was to create a unique and immersive experience that would convey our key messages in a unique, creative and compelling way.


This is more than an event, however, and an integrated campaign strategy had to be developed to build event awareness and attendance, provide content and support for Sales, and continue the messaging in-market after the event.


The strategic rationale for ‘CT19’ content was based on three key insights:

  1. a lack of trust gives us a moment in time,

  2. clients want more than media products, they want integrated solutions

  3. Marketers’ are shifting their focus to customer journeys.


The creative brief was to:

  • build a narrative and immersive experience based on our close understanding of consumer purchase journeys

  • show how our suite of solutions help brands influence and intersect consumers in the moments that matter

  • reflect our own journey of transformation in a dynamic news media sector


Various key performance indicators and metrics were tracked, including:

  • event attendance

  • seniority of attendees

  • staff engagement

  • Net Promoter Score

  • Media coverage

  • sales leads, conversions, revenue


Business Objectives

  • Increase advertising revenue generated from event by 35%

  • Showcase News Corp content creation capabilities (for clients) through utilising our in-house services


Marketing Objectives

  • Position News Corp Australia as our client’s primary media and marketing partner

  • Signal momentum, renewed energy and impact.  ‘I didn't think News could/would do this’

  • Increase awareness that we’re ‘more than media’ by showcasing capabilities such as our digital marketing agency News Xtend, social intelligence business Storyful, and data-targeting platform News Connect

  • Content Longevity; repurpose content produced for event for ongoing campaigns and use in market by sales teams


Event Objectives

  • Increase client attendance by 30% year-on-year

  • Increase seniority of attendees

  • Maintain a 4/5 client approval rating

Results for this campaign

Business Outcomes 

  • 397 sales leads generated

  • Advertising revenue generated +270% year on year

  • Return on investment 6.3:1. i.e. for every dollar invested we returned $6.30 in advertising revenue



  • 1804 attendees, +35% above target and +76% above the previous year.

  • 50% of attendees were in senior roles and a further 26% at mid level

  • 678 News Corp staff attended and the event was recorded and posted on the company intranet


Industry Coverage

  • 45 (positive) trade publicity stories over event period, 40% above the previous year

  • Event Chatbot was used by 41% of attendees

  • Strong positive impacts on staff engagement, pride and employer brand with at least two new employees attributing Come Together as influencing their decision to join News Corp Australia


Guest Feedback

  • Net Promoter Score of +43

  • Approval rating 4.5/5, up 10% on the previous year


Guest Testimonials

"The event was outstanding and demonstrated the vast array of consumer touch points News offers marketers. I’m positive there will be a great return to News as a consequence."  -- John Steedman, Chairman, WPP AU/NZ


"What an outstanding event! I can’t think of a more impactful and creative way to demonstrate the power of your media assets, truly impressive. You really have set the bar for upfronts but more importantly, demonstrated a complete advertising ecosystem way past “print and digital”. I look forward to supercharging our partnership in the months to come. Enjoy the accolades, they’re well deserved." -- Sarah Keith, Managing Director, Publicis Media


“The thing that impressed us most was that they're really passionate about the company, and what they can do to grow the business in a business that has to innovate a lot more than it probably ever did before. They're looking at all the different ways to engage with their advertisers to get results for their advertisers, so they've spent more time doing that I think than they ever have in the past." -- Gerry Harvey, Chairman, Harvey Norman (Australia’s largest Advertiser)


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