D.C. la Vuelta por Bogotá
2020 Winner

D.C. la Vuelta por Bogotá

Grupo Semana

Bogota, Colombia

Category Native Advertising

Overview of this campaign

Bogotá is changing; however, citizens have not noticed such change because they just cover about 10% of the city. IDU, a local government entity, and Semana Group join to show citizens in Bogotá the changes and projects of their city.  

In this way, the ‘DC la vuelta por Bogotá’ was born, a content strategy that used Grupo Semana's own channels and street initiatives to deliver content that promoted the knowledge that citizens have about Bogotá and raised awareness of the changes the city is experiencing.

How it worked: (See file: Strategy)

- Are you sure you know Bogotá? - Trivia -: A digital development that randomly delivered 20 questions on issues of Bogota pride, citizen culture and civil works being developed by IDU. We took advantage of the regional elections in Colombia to activate the conversation and interaction with the trivia; from the editorial area of Semana we invited candidates running for Mayor of Bogotá to do the trivia; we documented it on video and it turned into a decision tool for voters. (See file: Social media).

- Content in the print edition of Revista Semana: Content that delved into the city's key projects and the importance of building on what was built. (see file: Institutional print content).

- Citizen Windows: We installed 8 Citizen Windows in different locations in Bogotá for 20 days. They were interactive screens that allowed citizens to get to know the locations through videos that we produced within the project.

- Recognize Bogotá: A series of three chronicles that showed a different face of Bogotá, from the perspective of Semana and SoHo, to reach different audiences. (See file: Print content - Recognize Bogotá).

- Content hub: A space that allowed all content to be hosted in a user-friendly feed.

The strategy had perfect synergy, so the initiatives in the street became content generators that triggered and optimized different communication moments.


Results for this campaign

Through this strategy, we achieved 6,956,225 impacts through all communication iniciatives of Grupo Semana. In addition, IDU invested in a media plan that strengthened such initiatives and made the project visible. This extension was on radio and public TV. (see file: Results).

This strategy allowed different channels to be used to reach IDU's target audiences, in addition to using the pitch and support of Semana and SoHo brands.

- We created valuable content that organically lived on our platforms and IDU channels.

- We showed people in Bogotá how different locations are changing.

- We brought together experts and citizens in a content strategy.

- We invited Bogotá citizens to go around Bogotá and cherish their city.


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