Maa Aaschen Tumi Kothaye
2020 Finalist

Maa Aaschen Tumi Kothaye

Bennett Coleman and Company Ltd. (The Times Group)

National (across various cities), India

Category Video

Overview of this campaign

India is a country of many wonders; as well a country of many ills. Patriarchy being one of the most strongly rooted.

Indian Women are left out of the Biggest events, considered Paraya Dhan (Someone else’s Asset), their families expected to live the most momentous occasions of their lives without their daughters.

This year, on Durga Puja, the biggest festival for families to come together, TOI set out to do what it does best – Begin Change. This time, raising a clarion call to the daughters of Kolkata to come back & celebrate Durga Pujo in their home; speaking on behalf of their families & friends who had had one too many incomplete festivals without Her.

We had much to achieve:

1)    To reach out and impact Bengali diaspora beyond Bengal (India & Worldwide) and establish TOI as a change maker.

2)    To challenge a deep rooted patriarchy, making families open their arms to their daughters and give them their place of pride & love in their own homes.


Beginning a month before Pujo, when the Kolkatan heart starts beating to go home, TOI called the daughters Kolkata home, raising the heart-warming call, “Ma Aaschen. Tumi Kothae?” (Durga Ma is coming home. Where are you?).

During the entire pre-Puja period, TOI featured editorial letters from the homes of Kolkata, asking their daughters settled in other parts of the world to come back. Print advertising depicted a human version of the deity resembling regular girls coming home in regular means of transport, but with Ma Durga’s ten arms forming behind her. Print ads were released across the country to ignite the sentiment of homecoming amongst daughters settled elsewhere.

The zenith of marketing was an emotional digital film aimed at capturing the void in every household of Kolkata whose daughter is away from home. The film depicted three women, portrayed by the eminent celebs of Kolkata, conveying their true story of the void.

Results for this campaign

Maa Aaschen touched the hearts of millions of women, delivering stupendous results on various metrics.

The film reached a stupendous 15.6 million people and gathered around 5.2 million views, within just 4 days! With low budgets, majority of this reach was achieved through organic shares. It engaged around 7,27,000 people and garnered over 40,000 reactions, spanning over 40 countries.

Puja Throwback-Pics of friends, brothers, fathers moved Instagram. Hundreds of women wrote to TOI promising that this time, there would be no more excuses to not go back home for Pujo. Celebrities reposted the video, social media resounded with personal stories and the now famous call, “Maa Aaschen. Tumi Kothae?”

Social media shares led to our film getting views from Bengalis and non-Bengalis across 41 different countries!

TOI successfully recorded a paramount increase in brand affinity by 31%. The Brand Equity scores increased by 77%. The campaign recall was the strongest and the highest with a 45% recall. More than 60 noted publications outside the Times Network picked up and replayed the campaign story.

Women readership of TOI saw an astounding jump of 22% according to IRS 2019 Q3. This campaign has helped create brand awareness especially among housewives who grabbed a lion share of readership among print readers of TOI

TOI went on to become strongly associated as a Trustworthy, Modern thinking and Progressive brand.

The campaign was picked-up and released by more than 500 publishers.

In just 10 days, TOI was flooded with 8000 letters to beloved daughters, sisters, friends asking them to come back! The power of the response was such that TOI brought 5 women back to Kolkata from different parts of the country carrying their stories of homecoming in the paper.

That is how, TOI gave the daughter her due place in her home and added a new conversation to the greatest Festival on earth: Durga Puja

(*Source: Kantar 2019 Brand assessment & communication evaluation for TOI – Kolkata)


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