World Record Print Ad by B.Z.
2020 Finalist

World Record Print Ad by B.Z.

Axel Springer SE

Berlin, Germany

Category Best Use of Print

Overview of this campaign

The objective of this campaign was to find an appropriate way to pay tribute to 50 years of Berlin Fernsehturm - one of the best-known landmarks of Berlin - and find a perfect advertising fit. Last but not least: Along the way we got ambitious enough for a world record!

Results for this campaign

Have you ever tried to unfold a digital screen? Some things are only possible in print! 

The “Berlin Fernsehturm” with its 368 meters is Germany's tallest building. Ferrero Duplo, a nationally well-known chocolate candy, has been advertising in Germany for many years with the slogan “Die wahrscheinlich längste Praline der Welt” (engl: The probably longest chocolate candy in the world) - a truly perfect fit to the longest infographic ever printed in a newspaper.

Considering the history of Berlin, the publication was quite an emotional one: For the time of Berlin's separation, B.Z. was only published in West Berlin whereas the Fernsehturm was constructed as a symbol of East Berlin by the former communist government. Hence celebrating the anniversary of the Berlin Fernsehturm in a former West Berlin newspaper clearly demonstrates that almost 30 years after the German reunification, East and West Berlin refer to the same landmarks. Thus it marks another big milestone in the city’s healing process.

Furthermore: B.Z. readers loved the unusual kind of print format and we determined a remarkable sales uplift!



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