BFF - The Friendship Journey
2020 Winner

BFF - The Friendship Journey


Zagreb, Croatia

Category Native Advertising

Overview of this campaign

Skin boosters are a novelty in the skincare market. They represent a new step in the women’s skincare routine with the purpose of the rest of the skincare products to absorb better. In 2018. Vichy presented the Minéral 89 skin booster to the Croatian market. Today Vichy Minéral 89 is the market leader in the category of skin moisturizers and they wanted to maintain the leading position among millennial women for years to come.

First, we explored women’s buying habits of skincare products and found out that there are two things women trust the most during the process: their friend’s recommendation and the power of the brand. Our solution to the brief was evident: to keep the Minéral 89 on the top in the long run, we had to strengthen the brand while connecting it to the friendship. So, we gave the brand a purpose.

Then we dived into the brand itself. Minéral 89 is a skincare product that offers women a daily dose of strength for their skin, making them feel more confident in their skin. Finally, we looked into the primary target audience. When it comes to millennial women, the only thing that stops them from feeling confident are women themselves. 80% of them think they are their own worst critic, and 40% have a fear of failure. But things change when their best friend is by their side. It's in our biology: female friendship boosts the oxytocin, the happiness hormone, that makes women more confident and daring.

So, we gave Minéral 89 a mission to make every woman feel strong and comfortable in her own. Just like the power of women’s friendship gives her inner strength, Minéral 89 boosts women’s skin, giving it strength that reflects women’s confidence on the outside. We wanted them to know - what a woman’s best friend is for her, the Minéral 89 is for her skin.

Results for this campaign


We started with the greatest online friendship research in Croatia. The survey results were personalized, comparing participants with the women in similar situations, while the insights were used to shape the topics of native articles and social communication. The answers raised public interest, so we built up the campaign with result analysis through different online formats.

To show the true power of friendship, the BFF platform became the dream fulfillment factory. We invited women to defeat their fears by sending us personal stories with the challenges they would dare to do only if their BFFs were boosting them on the way. To boost their courage, Izabel, the Minéral 89 ambassador, made the challenge video with her bestie where she overcame her biggest fear. 

Finally, the special microsite with the project overview and positioned friendship and Minéral 89 as the core confidence boosters.

The idea had the right hook since day one and Vichy decided to broaden the scope and spread the BFF internationally on two additional markets through localized campaigns on the Slovenian and Serbian market.

The results showed the campaign was a true booster...
PARTICIPATION: 11.000+ survey participants, 1.300+ personal stories
CONTENT:400.000+ content views, 380.000+ Instagram views - 45% over miss7’s average, 320 days spent on campaign content, 32% newsletter open rate

BRAND IMPACT: The campaign had a significant impact on brand perception, the deal-breaker for women when it comes to skincare product purchase, which led to the lift in brand consideration.

Source: The brand impact survey on exposed vs. unexposed audience (full survey exposed n=305, unexposed n=355; on target group - exposed n=136, unexposed n=146)


The project was such a success that we already got a new brief from Vichy with a task to expand the campaign.


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