2020 Finalist

The City of Silence

Schibsted Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

Category Native Advertising

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Overview of this campaign

As media agency OMD and their creative team at DRUM presented the overall idea for launching ZOE, Schibsted Brand Studio decided to pitch a larger idea. 

Schibsted Brand Studio pitched this as a combination of content and creatives, leading to OMD and DRUM increasing their initial budget by 100%..

Schibsted's solution became a tailor-made content campaign on some of Sweden´s largest news sites Omni, Svenska Dagbladet, Aftonbladet and wheather forecast site Klart.se. With relevant native content, Podcast, Branded Content, inspirational native video, informative graphics and an innovative longread format, we sought the answer to the question of how dangerous the noise really is.

The recommendation aimed to engage people both in and off market, with three pillars in focus: 

Awareness - Creative copy in display-ads and Branded Content in relevant, editorial context

Preference - Native-content on Schibsted, reaching user with both visual creative elements, text-articles, video and audio

Action - Data. Using the data from the people who engaged in the content, Renault was able to be very precise and highly relevant to a in the market-target group.

“The campaign and concept is based on insights and trends that were right in front of us. Electric cars are on everyone's lips, both for the industry to talk about and for us consumers to decide on. Playing with the idea on how much the electric car can actually affect the city and the well-being of us people is exciting. It feels really fun to have the bigger perspective on this together with Renault and the electric car ZOE as one of the most frequent electric cars we see out on the roads. Doing this together with Schibsted as a partner was an easy choice for this type of activation”

- Emil Thelander, Managing Director at DRUM.

Together with Schibsted, OMD and DRUM, Renault has broken down statistics and reports at the same time as Schibsted conducted its own experiment based on the hypothesis that sound and noise affect health more than you think. 

Results for this campaign

Results and conclusions were drawn in a native collaboration on Svenska Dagbladet and Aftonbladet. The campaign also included a native outlet on Klart.se, a native integration in Omni Pod and a Branded Content article series, “Noise pollution and the people”, at SvD. To further empower the campaign, a target group was created based on the data of those who read the native-articles. A display-campaign targeted this group and messages in the copy was adjusted to a receiver further down the funnel.

In total the campaign drew more than 600 000 Swedes to read, watch and listen. And at the same time it answered the original question – What will happen when the city goes silent?

“The City of Silence” was an exciting way for us to address a problem that ZOE can help solve. The tailored made solution Schibsted Brand Studio created is the most ambitious native campaign we’ve done. With a content adapted for the Swedish market, the campaign has added great value and a high impact.” 

- Niclas Crepin, Digital Marketing Manager Renault.

The campaign was measured via Brand Metrics and the effects of the native campaign were striking, as brand lifts for awareness, consideration, preference and action intention surpassed benchmarks (eg the base of all measured campaigns in Automative-Car brand done during 2019).

Results from Brandmetrics:

Brand Awareness: +6,2% (benchmark 5,1%)

Consideration: +5,0% (benchmark 1,3%)

Preference: +2,3% (benchmark 2,3%)

Action: +0,9% (benchmark 0,4%)

As a long tail, Renault also did a display campaign which retargeted the readers of native-articles. And the engagement continued to grow!

Comparing a group exposed to the display ad only once vs a group set to see it at a higher frequency, lifts were obvious:

Brand Awareness: +19,8% (benchmark 2,8%)

Consideration: +8,0% (benchmark 3,5%)

Preference: +8,4% (benchmark 2,3%)

Action: +3,2% (benchmark 1,4%)


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