Carlos Monzón, Poverty, Glory, Excesses, Femicide and a Tragic End
2020 Finalist

Carlos Monzón, Poverty, Glory, Excesses, Femicide and a Tragic End


Caba, Argentina

Category Video

Overview of this campaign

In each episode, the sports journalist provides forgotten and unknown details about Monzón's career, his successes and challenges, and recounts how his life was from his first steps as a boxer to how he became the world champion. Only someone with a history of more than 50 years in sports journalism could have accessed such a level of information.


But it also focuses on his personal life marked by abuse and tragedy, their relationships and their environment: from their addictions to alcohol and drugs, his time as a movie star, the excesses of the jet set of the time and their romance with the television diva Susana Giménez, until the murder of his wife Alicia Muñiz, who took him to jail, and subsequently his death in a car accident.


The mini documentary was released at the same time that the local Space channel put on air a fictional miniseries about the life of Monzón (currently on Netflix), which generated a great impact and exposure among our audience being one of the pieces released weekly most seen during the month.

Results for this campaign

The series captivated our audience in such a way that attracted thousands of visits to our website and social channels to watch it.


The videos show how journalist Cherquis Bialo, reviews World’s Champion Carlos Monzón’s career and personal life.


Bialo makes his contribution that becomes particularly relevant due to his tight relationship to the Champion.


We tracked the following metrics for engagement:


Facebook: 78,000 total views.

Instagram: 235,000 total views.

YouTube: 310,000 total views.

Infobae Website: 158,300 total views.


The impact and exposure among our audience has been of great importance and became one of the pieces that created the most engagement and due to the reaction of the audience interest in this piece of content, 20 other articles were generated on the website.


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