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MH Data Studio
2020 Winner

MH Data Studio


Antwerpen, Belgium

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

Anno 2020, Mediahuis is competing with big, international mediaplayers. In this fast-paced advertising market, Mediahuis is always looking for innovative ways to differentiate itself. Due to its local character, it can offer a level of service that mediagiants can hardly match. Besides that, it aims to be a transparent, reliable and a strategic partner, both towards its advertising clients as well as its readers.

Today, consumers are being bombed with ads, one ad being more relevant than the other. To restrict any form of waste, advertisers are looking for efficient ways to communicate with specific audiences and are therefore increasingly focusing on targeted advertising. With over 13,5 million unique browsers per month and 4,4 million registered users, Mediahuis’ sites generate a lot of valuable data. This means that Mediahuis can answer the growing need for data driven advertising by centralizing all in-house data knowledge. This is where MH Data Studio came to the spotlight.

In June 2019, Mediahuis launched MH Data Studio, a dedicated team of data-scientists. By combining and using all the expertise and knowledge about Mediahuis’ readers, MH Data Studio aims to create very qualitative audience segments that generate better and more relevant campaigns: the reader gets to see relevant ads and the campaign results of the advertiser benefit from it.  This way, Mediahuis strives to be 100% client centric, both towards its surfers as towards its advertisers.

Results for this campaign

MH Data Studio was born in June 2019 and was launched by organizing the “MH Data Studio Summer Sessions”, a series of small and exclusive events for advertisers. During these sessions, advertisers were shown in detail how the extensive data approach could make their digital campaigns even more efficient. It was important to organize the sessions in small groups, as this allowed Mediahuis to start an interesting dialogue about data and the advertisers’ needs. After the initial launch Mediahuis’ data scientists have kept joining client meetings in order to service advertiser specific data needs and to stay on top of general data needs.

Behind the scenes, MH Data Studio creates "audiences" or target groups based on socio-demographic data and surfing behaviour on its’ websites, indicating a certain interest or intent. The data-scientists use text mining and take into account the amount of articles surfers read about a certain topic compared to average reading behaviour, to define the most relevant interest groups. These targetable “audiences” are continuously being refined and adjusted in order to guarantee a high performance level.

By placing pixels on an advertiser’s site and/or matching databases, the data-scientists analyse the audience profile of a specific advertiser and (re)target this audience on the Mediahuis network using a personalized approach. Using look-alike modeling-  whether it be on existing clients, website visitors, or surfers that previously engaged with banners -Mediahuis can expand the relevant audience for advertisers’ campaigns. Mediahuis even added an innovative segmentation to its DMP by implementing audiences based on its own consumer research on media and information consumption.

All this with great success. MH Data Studio & its data scientists:

-          Have presented their data strategy & solutions in individual client sessions to over 30  advertisers & agencies

-          Have deployed over 700 targetable segments in 2019 advertising campaigns

-          Have implemented more than 20 pixels on advertisers’ websites

-          Have noted an increase of 82% in data-driven campaigns in 2019 vs. 2018


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