RompeCristales Podcast Series: Journalism Content Against Gender Inequality.
2020 Finalist

RompeCristales Podcast Series: Journalism Content Against Gender Inequality.

El Observador

Montevideo, Uruguay

Category Best New Technology or Digital Product

Overview of this campaign

El Observador is a media company committed to the empowerment of women.

One year after launching the subscription scheme, we felt that we needed to take a stand on one of the most relevant issues in our society today: gender inequality.

Although Uruguay shows a better-than-average standing in some gender-related indicators, the gender wage gap is one of the largest in the region. People showed their discontent on social media.

In Uruguay, women earn 23.2% less than men - according to the Equal Pay Day study - which means that the subscription is comparatively more expensive for a woman than for a man.


So we put our effort in making a difference leveraging what we know best: communicating facts and relevant content and information.

That is why we turned it to a fairer rate with a discount equivalent to the gap. So that access to good information is not a barrier for women.

We innovated to be more accessible.

We aimed also at attracting and retaining an exclusive audience of those supporting the cause: female professionals.

We created the subscription plan “Rompecristales” (Glassbreakers): A special subscription plan with a rate 23.2% less expensive for every woman, compensating for the wage gap. We also published a podcast series with the same name, with high quality journalistic content relevant to help reduce inequalities.

Our objective was to achieve: 155,000 streamings and 800 subscriptions at the special rate.

Private consultants, public authorities, robotics experts and even the elected vice president participated in the campaign.


Results for this campaign

  • Women subscription represented 70% of the total number of subscriptions since we started the campaign.
  • 210 minutes of fresh and relevant content.
  • 14500 unique visitors to the landing page on the first month
  • The first 2 episodes were among the most listened to in Uruguay on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and TuneIn. The organic (non paid) digital campaign reach was 193320 people in the first month.
  • 31,266 visits to the articles related to the first 4 episodes.
  • One of the most visited articles on the website. The two most important women in public office in the country gave their opinion in “RompeCristales” (Glassbreakers).
  • The elected Vice President just 15 days before taking office. The president of ANCAP, the state oil company.


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