Eco Friendly Travel Inspiration
2020 Finalist

Eco Friendly Travel Inspiration

Schibsted Media Group

Oslo, Norway

Category Native Advertising

Overview of this campaign

Vy settled on three goals for the first campaign: Come across as an attractive alternative to the route «Oslo – Gothenburg», show people how environmentally friendly their products are and inspire people to travel with them by making the destination attractive.


Vy also wanted to talk to all age groups, but mainly focus on people living in the eastern part of Norway and in Gothenburg. Since they were the most potential users of the route.


Through content marketing, we told five different stories to the Norwegian and Swedish market, retargeted to the most relevant audience within a certain distance to the train and bus route Oslo - Gothenburg. In order to engage different target groups, we had to create content that spoke directly to different audiences. We did that by casting normal people in different ages and life situations.


To make the content even more engaging, we used footage and several short video clips throughout the articles. Our developer and designer produced, together with climate experts, an interactive «map/illustration», showing the huge benefits of traveling by train and bus. 


To reach a difficult demographic, ages 13 to 24, we used Snapchat along with our own app Peil, with shorter customized stories focusing on climate. In order to engage the young target group, we had to tell the story in another way which young people find inspirational today. The strategic use of Peil an Snapchat, made Vy able to communicate with one of the most challenging target groups in 2019.


Results for this campaign

Through content published on VG, Aftenposten, E24, Peil, Aftonbladet and adapted to Snapchat, we brought the readers inspirational content on how to enjoy time in a beautiful city transported in a environmental way by Vy. 

The articles had editorial placements over a four week long period. These were closely selected, monitored and optimized throughout the campaign. 


The articles in total got more than 200.000 pageviews, exceeding 55 percent over benchmark for the money invested in distribution. Very strong numbers when you take into consideration Norway’s population of 5 million.


View time averaged over 1,5 minutes in total, 128 per cent over our benchmark

(benchmark 40 sec), evidence the stories came across as fun and interesting. 


At Snapchat we experienced great results reaching 78 percent in the age of 13-24. One «story» had an average screen time of 45 seconds and a completion rate of 65 percent. Another snap got a swipe rate of 4,4 percent. Exceeding Snapchats own benchmarks on commercial content of more than 100 percent.


We also created and adapted content for print (Aftenpostens weekend mag.), to make sure we reached an older audience.


In order to document the brand building effect, we conducted a control/exposed test in cooperation with analysis agency Norstat. By comparing the exposed and the unexposed respondents, we could isolate the actual effect of our content.


It showed that the readers were very positive to the content created. For instance did 7 out of 10 «enjoy it», which is 21 percent above benchmark.


Most importantly, though, actually considering using bus or train as preferred means of transportation to Göteborg increased significantly, the test concluded. And early remarks from Vy state that the number of travellers to Gothenburg has increased on their trains and buses.



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