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2020 Finalist

Engage Me


Schwarzach, Austria

Category Readership and Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

We´re living in the “Goldfish“ generation: attention has become a finite resource - news and brands have a limited shelf life. In contrast to other key players in the social media business, news publishers and online shop operators know little about their own users and even less about how to establish ties to them. Russmedia has created “Engage Me“ to change this situation - in a totally playful manner.

VOL.AT and its partner portal VIENNA.AT managed to do this by introducing a points and rewards system. By reading or sharing articles, writing comments or taking part in the quizzes, users can collect “Ländlepunkte“ or “goodies“, which can be exchanged for prizes later on in the reward shop, or donated for a good cause.

The aim of the Engagement Project has always been to increase rates of interaction and logins to the VOL.AT and VIENNA.AT portals, enhancing user loyalty, and of course collecting data. Customer acquisition has also been an ongoing objective, highlighting the Russmedia brand by selling the product and providing know-how.

Results for this campaign

Despite VOL.AT having around one million users monthly - with a high percentage of loyal readers true to the brand - the proportion of logged in users was running at less than one per cent before the Experimentability Layer was introduced, as is often the case for regional publishers. The “Engage Me Project“, initially launched as an app in May 2018, and later also for desktops and the mobile web in August, led to an average 626 new registrations per month by November 2018. Constant development, exciting user campaigns and lucrative prize competitions – for example, 159,553 participations in competitions in November 2019 alone (compared with 455 in November 2018) increased the number of new registrations per month (period January - November 2019) to a maximum 2,376. To judge by the total number of VOL.AT users, the percentage of logged in - or loyal - users rose steadily. An increase of almost no logged in users to 19.70 percent in November 2019 is truly “Zero to Hero“.

The Experimentability Layer developed by the Russmedia Team has been sold to customers in Switzerland and Germany, and is used by DENNER Switzerland as a Soccer World Cup app game for the EURO 2020 tournament, as well as by Lensing Media for the Ruhr region news, the Münsterland and Halterner newspapers, the Hellweger Anzeiger and Dorstener newspapers. Since April 2019, it´s also been used for the IKEA Family Switzerland app - this is what Loyalty Manager Félix Etienne has to say: “There is a 17 percent higher probability that our digital customers will actually come into our shops. Newly acquired loyal users spend 50 per cent more. Thanks to the Russmedia Engagement Engine, we now are very familiar with our users.


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