Dependent on Independence
2020 Finalist

Dependent on Independence

Styria Media Group AG

Graz, Austria

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

Our campaign goals on one hand are to communicate the quality and competence of the newspaper; institutional independence and facts instead of fake news… because we don’t write to please, but to inform. On the other hand, we want to boost interest of potential readers respectively new subscribers, raise awareness and spark interest among young and urban audiences towards authentic, quality journalism, targeting groups that previously had little to no interactions with our newspaper. In addition, we wish to bolster our existing subscribers in their decision to read our newspaper. Another goal is to spread our news to new target areas such as Vienna, other national areas, including the coverage of remote rural areas and not only in existing and familiar areas. 
We wish to achieve these goals by using various media channels, i.e. newspaper advertisements, posters, bill boards and with a special focus on digital channels such as website, e-paper, app, social media posts, online banners, our own campaign landing page with the possibility for users to network and interact, as well as a radio commercial, a complete pink newspaper edition and pink illuminated buildings. During our campaign, Kleine Zeitung had also celebrated its 115th anniversary – on which occasion we organised a competition, with prizes for winners. Our aim was  to reach out to existing but also potential subscribers, with the intention to gain personal data. 
This multichannel campaign was a collaborative effort between various in house departments, who worked together to come up with the texts, concept and visual features to be used in our strategies.

Results for this campaign

As a result of the campaign we were able to considerably increase brand awareness among existing and potential readers. This we achieved with the activities described in the campaign objectives as well as with our focus on a new and brave campaign color scheme – modern, state of the art and a little bit provocative - in combination with concise textual statements that express the quality and competence of the Kleine Zeitung. In addition, we received a huge positive response to the campaign, such as letters to the editor and statements given in a survey. Below is a summary of the most common statements about the things people remembered most:

- I can remember the great slogans.

- Meaningful, catchy and smart slogans in a striking typeface.

- Strong and striking color scheme

- Focus on independence, regionality and facts instead of fake news.

- Integration of the anniversary

- Discounted subscription for digital and print newspaper.

- Pink edition

 A statistical evaluation in the course of the campaign has shown the following results:

 - A comparison of the different age groups shows that young target audiences from 15 to 19 years more often recognised our communication campaigns (30 %) than older target groups (appx. 21 %) during the last weeks.

- Young target groups from 15 to 39 years stated, that they came into contact with the campaign mostly through billboards (appx. 62 %). Adverts in Kleine Zeitung were the second most named channel of communication for perceiving the campaign for young target groups (appx. 55 %). Social Media channels are ranked third.

- Older target groups perceived the campaign mostly through adverts in Kleine Zeitung with 61 %. 

 In conclusion, the fresh, provocative design and content received a very positive echo throughout the land.


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