How to #Stayathome and Not Go Crazy?
2020 Finalist

How to #Stayathome and Not Go Crazy?

Ringier Axel Springer Poland

Warszawa, Poland

Category COVID-19 Campaigns

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Overview of this campaign

Onet is the biggest  website in Poland; every day we reach 8 mill Poles. According to Reuters, we are also the most reliable source of information. 

When on 4 March the first case of COVID-19 was announced, it was key to keep Poles at home as soon as possible. We were the first brand in Poland to launch  #stay at home initiative in one day to keep less disciplined inhabitants at home.  Within one day, celebrities and many companies got involved in the project, followed by regular Poles who were its ambassadors in social media.

As we were keeping Poles at home, we soon delivered a simple tool to test against potential infection -CORONA CHECKER and we started to regularly monitor the moods, stress and fear levels in Poland to respond to them effectively.

After a few days it was key to make the lockdown easier by helping in online education and work, organising free time, entertainment. Comprehensive guidance content was very important – we launched a dedicated landing  page divided into sections: Free time, Home and children, Work and finance.

Together with Poland’s biggest brewery we developed regular online concerts, gave access to free entertainment: books, games, films. Our target group is broad; we regarded also seniors for whom online Sunday masses are important.

We also offer a daily 30-minute programme, broadcast live from the house of Malgorzata Ohme, a psychologist and head of Onet’s lifestyle services. The idea is to help people find solutions to the lockdown. Psychologists, sociologists, stars and influencers comment and talk.  The intention is to interact with the audience and answer questions.

The interest in the programme is huge with an audience of 18 million to date and partners represented by global brands: Ikea, Procter and Gamble and AVON.

Every crisis teaches us something – our intention is to provide advice and tools to help Poles to tighten family ties rather than sever them, to develop new skills and habits that will stay in the future.



Results for this campaign

The reach of #stay at home was huge:

  • 314 mill contact according Sentione report incl. SM  242 M and portals 72 M
  • Huge involvement in SM - 164 thou. comments, 400 thou. people used the #Stay at home overlay at stage one

Poles’ great response and participation in regular online survey of physical and mental health which helped to adjust the content and tools to theirs needs.

  • 500 thou Poles checked their health in the CORONA CHECKER
  • 16 thou responded in the regular surveys about their needs, fears and concerns for the pandemic.

However, interest in our special programmes and regular practical, psychological and entertainment content and advice have proven key  in helping Poles to survive the lockdown.

  • A dedicated Landing page with practical and psychological advice

      TTS – 18 million seconds

      PV – 2 M

      RU – 0.5 M

  • Live  30-minute daily programme with practical and psychological advice

      VV total  18 M incl. every episode on average 750 K

  • Audience of online concerts – 6 concerts

      PV 5.6 million

      RU – 2.8 ML

     18 K responses on FB


The power of the ONET #STAY AT HOME  project:

  • speed of action – the initiative was launched and propagated in Poland in one day
  • regular monitoring of  Poles’ moods and needs
  • comprehensive and well-tailored practical and psychological advice which has helped stay at home and survive in a good condition.

We strongly believe that the winners are brands which are close to people and act quickly – brand activism is of key importance. Onet’s prompt and comprehensive activities have helped us to reinforce our iconic position of being up-to-date and a brand close to people and their problems.



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