EqualVoice-Factor - Gender Equality @Ringier
2020 Finalist

EqualVoice-Factor - Gender Equality @Ringier

Ringier AG

Zürich, Switzerland

Category Data and Research

Overview of this campaign

Of all articles in Swiss media, 75 percent are about men. The Global Media Monitoring Project 2016 identifies that this figure worldwide is even higher at 82 percent. Scientists are speaking of a “gender content gap”.

As one of the largest multinational media corporations in Switzerland, we see it as our responsibility to increase our effort in an equal media coverage of women and men. We are convinced that men and women can achieve more together than men or women by themselves. Furthermore, we are persuaded that there exist more women worth reporting on. We want to use our media publications and our reach of 4.5 Mio. people/month in Switzerland to promote gender equality and contribute to the positive change in an equal coverage of women and men.

Therefore, the Ringier EqualVoice initiative was officially launched in 2019.


Our EqualVoice goals:

  • Equal representation of women and men in the media
  • Overcome gender stereotypes and portray men and women who correspond to non-traditional professional role models
  • New journalistic perspectives for reporting on women and creating strong female role models
  • Establish qualitative and quantitative measures to analyze the coverage of men and women in the media


The core of the Ringier EqualVoice initiative is the EqualVoice-factor. The EqualVoice-factor is a quantitative metric indicating the coverage of men and women on all Ringier and Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland’s websites.

The EqualVoice initiative, initiated by Ringier CFO Annabella Bassler, is headed by the publisher Michael Ringier and Ringier CEO Marc Walder. The equal representation of women and men in media is supported by all members of the Group Executive Board, editors-in-chief in Switzerland and the EqualVoice Advisory Board.

Results for this campaign

The quantitative analysis on media coverage of women and men in our publications is one of the main goals of the EqualVoice initiative. Therefore, the EqualVoice-factor was established as one of the first actions.

The Ringier data tool, Sherlock, with its for EqualVoice newly built features, analyses for all websites the number of articles on women and men, and the number of articles on subjects. Amazon Rekognition automatically detects and analyses the people depicted on the websites.

This analysis results in two EqualVoice-scores: The teaser-score, consisting of image, headline and lead. It tells us: How visible are women on our pages? And secondly, the body-score, which refers to the body of the article. It identifies the female proportion of speech in all publications.

The EqualVoice-factor is represented on the daily dashboards of Ringier and RASCH journalists. The dashboards show the current level of both EqualVoice-scores in comparison to the scores of the previous month.

The increased gender equality awareness in our media, induced by the EqualVoice-factor, already led to first achievements such as an increase of 6% in the teaser-score at Handelszeitung or the Blick body-score extension up to 31% by end of 2019.

The access to objective data on the coverage of women and men in the media supports Ringier in analyzing its efforts on gender equality. We no longer need to rely on subjective perception of equality and inequality. The EqualVoice-factor provides the editorial offices with a database for the development and implementation of measures on gender equality. The daily representation of the EqualVoice-factor on the journalists’ dashboards supports the editorial teams in an equal gender coverage. Ringier shares the evaluations and key indicators of the EqualVoice-factor with its employees on a regular basis. Additionally, the EqualVoice-scores will be published in the annual report 2020 of Ringier AG.

Gender equality is not only a journalistic challenge. The equal representation of women and men is a global issue and is one of the main priorities at Ringier for the upcoming years.


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