Bronco Unbroken
2020 Finalist

Bronco Unbroken


Calgary, Canada

Category Video

Overview of this campaign

With this video, our objectives were to:


* Offer enhanced experience and first-rate video for audience already on our website

* Attract new audience to our website

* Create social media buzz; generate sharing of our social media posts

* Produce exclusive journalistic content, via a meaningful mini-documentary that sensitively tells the story of what life is like for a survivor of a tragic crash

* Utilize creative —  and beautifully shot — video to go “beyond the headlines,” providing deep storytelling for audience

* Bring a new dimension to the narrative of this story, providing another way audience can engage with our content and our brand

* Differentiate ourselves from other media, by staying on a story for more than one year

* Cement brand’s reputation as a media outlet that offers content no one else is doing

* Portray the realities of what life becomes like for a young person suddenly faced with life in a wheelchair and the impact this type of tragedy can have on an entire family

* Promote awareness of the important place those with disabilities have in our communities

* Refine video production skills in the newsroom

* Highlight, for staff, the importance of investing time and patience into big stories

Results for this campaign

EXPANDED AUDIENCE: The video proved popular, receiving 223,000-plus views, attracting comments from as far away as Africa and Europe; one comment was “Portugal is with you,” reflecting new audience the video attracted.

HIGH ENGAGEMENT: Viewers spent an average 5 minutes, 40 seconds on this video.

ATTRACTED NEW SUBSCRIBERS: In addition to the thousands of random views, the video attracted 156 new subscribers to our YouTube channel.

SUPPORTED STRENGTHS OF NEWS BRAND: The video highlighted our ability to credibly and sensitively share a powerful narrative, also bolstering brand by reflecting our practice of staying on a story long after other media have moved on.

AMPLIFIED INTERACTION WITH AUDIENCE: We received dozens of comments thanking us for producing video. One example from a viewer was: “The strength, drive and determination of this young man is so inspiring. . . Thank you Calgary Herald for this amazing story.”

VIRAL IMPACT AND ELEVATED SOCIAL MEDIA ACTIVITY: We experienced increased Facebook and Twitter traffic via posts about this video, with some of our tweets and posts receiving up to 400 likes and shares.

ATTRACTED REVENUE: Each view of the video attracted revenue, via pre-roll ads.

JOURNALISTIC IMPACT: The video resulted in exclusive content, surrounding a story for which the public had significant appetite; it led to increased staff confidence that we can create high-end video and improved our video skills; it demonstrated the importance of staying the course on stories, diving deep and cultivating relationships of trust with sources.

GENERATED AWARENESS of a vital issue — how those with disabilities have an important place in our communities. We heard positive feedback from advocates for those with disabilities, saying the video helped shatter stereotypes, and heard positive audience reaction, such as this: “There’s more to a person than his or her legs. . . Wow. Just wow!”


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