Los Andes Podcast
2020 Winner

Los Andes Podcast

Grupo Clarín

Mendoza, Argentina

Category Audio

Overview of this campaign

General Objective:

  • Position Los Andes as a leader in innovative formats.

Specific objectives

  • Offer audiences a product that goes along with new trends in terms of information and entertainment.
  • Experience the possibilities of audio formats.


Results for this campaign

In just over a year, the audience totaled 173,000, whereas the number of visits to LosAndes.com.ar's features exceeded 1.2 million.

The most listened to program is ‘resumen Secreto’ (Secret Summary), directed by Eduardo Luis Ayassa. Chronicles include police events and those cases that marked several generations and are still unclear. The 12 episodes accumulate more than 55,000 listeners.

Other topics are attractive to music and art lovers, such as 'Manso disco' (‘Gentle Record', with Néstor Sampirisi) and 'Album' (with Patricia Slukich). The first one reviews iconic rock albums such as The Beatles' 'Revolver' or Charly García's 'Modern Clicks'. The 'Album' proposal, on the other hand, attracts artists who may have been covered by fashion sounds and algorithms.

'Mejor te lo diré' (I'd better tell you) invites you to learn about the work of famous writers, musicians, painters and thinkers. Direction in its first season was performed by journalist and writer Fernando G. Toledo.

On the other hand, 'Pasión Registrada' (Registered Passion) is one of the badges for young audiences. Pablo Philippens recalls the curiosities of the soccer universe, from nicknames to anecdotes. It adds more than 21,000 listeners.

'Capricho millennial' (Millennial Whim) delves into the social phenomena of this generation, both at an audiovisual level (cinema, series) and technology.

'Soy lo que soy' (I am what I am) with Estefanía Scortichini, is a space that includes voices often invisible by the 'norms' that prevail in society. Gender, sexual diversity, identity, eating disorders, beauty standards are some of the topics.

In terms of newsy content, 'Verdaderas Noticias' (True news) stands out, with Alejandra Vargas and Gastón Bustelo, and ‘Stop the Rotary’, with Leonardo Rearte. Both programs add 16,400 listeners.



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